Wednesday, May 25, 2011

麥奀雲吞麵世家 Mak Ngan Wan Ton Noodle House for superb wan ton noodles..... Central, Hong Kong

I just couldn't forget the morning when we had 3 breakfast meals during the recent trip to Hong Kong. We were supposed to have breakfast at 麥奀雲吞麵世家 Mak Ngan Wan Ton Noodle House. As we were there too early, at 9am, and the noodle shop only opened at 11am, we had time to kill for a 'light' fried noodle and congee at Stanley street. Still too early. We visited Lin Heung Restaurant for Dim Sum, toured the SOHO escalator to work off the food before Mak Ngan's shutters lifted. Even though we had two breakfasts, we were still urged to a third.  Mak Ngan is more like a no frills traditional eating house where locals would visit. So don't expect a restaurant style service.

We were glad that Mak Ngan's wan ton noodles came in small portions 小蓉. Thumbs up for the superb bowl of wan ton noodles. It also shows how big's the portion. The noodles from Mak Ngan was tangy and the soup tasted of sweet fresh shrimp without the overpowering flavor of ghee from the noodles. It seemed that Mak Ngan prefers to wash off more ghee from their noodles during the cooking. I liked it this way as it wouldn't mask off the flavors in the soup.

The wan tons were quite big as the whole shrimps wrapped into the wan ton skin weren't too small. The wan ton skin was thin, delicate and shrimps were fresh and tender.

While we were eating our noodles, we can't help but amazed at the speed that these guys were preparing the wan tons.

77 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong

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