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Ginza Kuroson .... Mostly Japanese, some French and fresh seafood

Ginza Kuroson procures fresh fishes from fishing ports all around Japan in and supplies them in Tokyo.  In Ginza, Tokyo, despite it's expensive district, Ginza Kuroson has a rstaurant that prides itself for serving an uncompromising standards of ingredients and cooking at affordable price. Now it has started supplying seafood from Japan to Singapore and it has a Ginza Kuroson restaurant right at Robertson Quay just beside Bella Pasta.

Ginza Kuroson serves sushi, sashimi, robata-yaki intersperse with some French dishes. There's the a-la-carte menu as well as dinner courses at various prices. We came to know of this place when HY visited during lunch for a value-for-money S$20 chirashi set that has the freshest seafood from Japan. Now we're here with the Eatz Eatz Eatz group for dinner. All of us had the Course "Tosa" at S$75. There's the "Shimanto" course at S$100 and the Kuroson Special Course at S$150 with more premium ingredients.

The restaurant was popular. Seats inside the restaurant were all reserved and we were left with the table facing the Singapore River. Fortunately, it was quite a cool evening after the downpour during earlier part of the day. It's a regret that we didn't get to sit at the bar facing the fresh seafood laid on ice while watching the chefs cook for us. Never mind, we still enjoy chit chatting over the "TOSA".

Sakizuke (starters), for us is a Pork Rillete with bread. This taste like very smooth and rich version of luncheon meat.

Assorted Sashimi came with yellowtail, maguro, octopus, squid and prawn. The sashimi was what HY was coming for. She was deprived of sashimi for a while due to her condition.

Robata yaki - Charcoal Grilled Seafood on Skewer was Charcoal Grilled Intestines of Ocean Sunfish. Most of us on the table gave this dish some deep thoughts before trying when we heard that it's some fish intestines. It taste a bit like overcooked squid, not tough but a bit crunchy.  The crunchy texture seemed like munching onto softer chicken soft bones. Interesting dish.

Nituke - Seasonal Fish boiled with special soy sauce. This looked like Gindara but I'm not too sure. This chunky fish was actually sweet after boiling with the soy sauce.
Su No Mono - Vinegared Seafood. This is a refreshing dish of crab meat, salmon roe, Japanese seaweed and cucumber dunk into vinegar. The vinegar accentuates the sweetness of the crab meat.

Grilled Kurobuta with Japanese Style Onion Sauce. The pork loin was well executed. Every slice was uniformly tender. The onion sauce imparted savoriness to the loin.

Ryoshi Meishi - Miso taste rice bowl with soup. The rice bowl had bonito flakes filled to the brim, covering the rice embedded underneath.  I mixed up the bonito flakes with the rice and some miso paste (also covered by the flakes) before eating. Near the end, pour in the soup that they serve up in a thermo flask to wash everything down.

Dessert - Chocolate fudge cake and lime sorbet. Nothing too interesting here.

The menu in Ginza Kuroson is more than the Tosa, Shimanto and Kuroson Special Course. It has more than what they list on the website. For example, here's the Spaghetti with clams in cream sauce that Jane ordered. Cannot see this dish online.

The set dinner that we had from Ginza Kuroson was a slight shift of paradigm from the traditional Kaiseki or omakase but it sure was an interesting Japanese dinner. I think I'll like to try their lunch time chirashi since HY has been bragging about it since she had it.

30 Robertson Quay
#01-10/11 Riverside View
Tel : +65 6737 5547

Opening Hours : 
Lunch 1130am-2pm
Dinner 6pm-12midnight

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