Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jewel Coffee .... along the "Be Disloyal" coffee trail of Indie cafes

It's alright to wake up into a damp and cold morning but to wake up damp, cold and devoid of caffeine is a no-no for me. This Friday morning, the sky decided to pour making it damp and cold alright. So right after dropping HY off at her office, I was spotted at the Jewel Coffee @ One Shenton, following my "Be Disloyal" coffee trail and determined to be indulged with good coffee.

At this jewel of a cafe located in the financial hub of Singapore, it was the first time I was ask to choose my coffee beans for my cafe latte. This is a nice touch. I'm already warming up to a whole new coffee experience at Indie cafes like Smitten, Loysel's Toy and now Jewel Coffee.


Apart from the espressos, Jewel Coffee also serves Drip and Syphon brew coffee. The chalk board with the illustrations clearly suggest different brewing methods to achieve "Body" and "Flavour"

Gadgets of coffee enjoyment are sold here and the folks behind the counter would be more than happy to educate you on the use of these gadgets.

Here's the beans that's available to be bagged for brewing at home.

Barristas behind the La Marzocco coffee machine are serious about their coffee and making sure each brew is perfect. Besides the La Marzocco coffee machine, I notice that there's even a Marco Über Boiler , a precision brewing station,  that compliments perfect brewing with the Chemex or the French Press and even for tea.

Boy am I glad that I came to Jewel Coffee. The taste of a perfect cuppa in the morning is my battle half won for the day. I chose the Fazenda Samambaia Brazil beans for my cafe latte. Tasting notes for these beans : Caramel Sweeteners, Soft Orange Acidity, Rich Mouthful. By the way, all coffee get double shots in Jewel Coffee. The caffe latte was strong, smooth and started with a mild citrus tint ending with a sweet note from the milk.
According to HY, their sandwiches is a must-try and she told me only after I visited the cafe. For this, Darling, sandwich will be on you next time!

1 Shenton Way

Opening Hours : 
Mon-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat 8am-5pm

Jewel Coffee on Facbook


red fir said...

Another indie cafe you hit. Now one more for you check out. 93 degreesC Coffee @ 16 Morse Road at Telok Blangah. You can never catch up with them. :P

Unknown said...

U r right .... cannot try them all . I love to enjoy coffee, not whack them. will sure go take a look at my own time.

red fir said...

And yet another... see what I mean. Seems to me more a fad now.

Cris said...

How is the ambience at Jewel Coffee in your opinion as compared to Smitten and Loysel's Toy?

Unknown said...

Hi Cris If you're from Olla Coffee, shouldn't you be already knowing the market for indie coffee? :) Anyway, in a nutshell, Jewel Coffee being located in Shenton Way amidst the bustle during the weekdays but quiet on a Saturday morning. Loysel's serves a more laid back crowd who bothers to travel to the ulu Kg Bugis. Used to be quaint and relaxing but not anymore. Smitten has a warm cosy ambience where the seats faces the coffee bar and you tend to admire Mirage Idrocompresso machine. More relax casual crowd like Loysel's.


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