Thursday, December 29, 2011

Antoinette ... Queen of France ... King of the hill of Parisien Patisserie?

Chef Pang Kok Keong, the man behind the Canelé Pâtisserie of the Les Amis Group, is known to perfect the art of enticing the Sweet Tooths in Singapore. He went on to start his own business venture, the Sugar Daddy Group, leveraging on the success of his sweet art. Antoinette, the Parisien style patisserie, named after the last Queen of France, was never without a queue ever since it opened it's doors. 

The Antoinette, at Penhas Road, was full house and had a queue even at 3.30pm on a Thursday afternoon when I visited. When you step into Antoinette, you would be impressed by the the ambience. The chandeliers, the lighting, the cushioned Parisien chairs all blend in to create the mood of what's close to a real Parisien Patisserie. 

Antoinette's Breakfast - Your choice of eggs with grilled bacon and sausage, Pain de Mie toast, basket of  viennoiseries and orange juice/coffee/hot chocolate
Like a wave that has hit our food scene, there has to be All-Day-Breakfast menu. Singaporeans seemed to like to eat the 'Ang Mo' breakfast at all times of the day. Wild Honey has All-Day-Breakfast and is a hit, so is Antoinette. We actually just wanted a cake and some coffee but ended up ordering this breakfast set to share as we saw folks at neighboring tables enjoying the juicy sausages. True enough, the sausages were great. The sunny-side-up was not as runny as I liked though.

The Viennoiseries that was part of the break fast set included mini size Brioche topped with sugar bits, a Chocolate Croissant and a Butter Croissant.

Violette - Violet Flower Cake, Raspberry Marmalade, Violet Flower Cream, Kirsch
I liked it that it has a rich but not overly sweet creamy taste.

If indulging in French cakes and pastries in a Parisien style cafe is what you enjoy, Antoinette is the place to visit. One thing to note is that the wait staff seemed to perform their services only as a mere function without blending in as part of the 'chi-chi-ness' of dining in a Parisien Pâtisserie. The experience would be top notched if service here is in tune with the mood and setting of the Pâtisserie. It gives me the feeling that rolling in the dough is more important than to maintain quality of experience and class. However, apart from the service, this place is the closest you can get for a Parisien Pâtisserie experience in Singapore. Is it the King of the Hill in the Parisien Pâtisserie experience? You be the judge.

30 Penhas Road
Tel : +65 6293 3121

Opening Hours :
Mon~ Thu 11am~10pm
Fri and eve of public holidays 11am~11pm
Sat 10am~11pm
Sun and public holidays 10am~10pm

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