Saturday, December 3, 2011

Salta Argentine Parrilla + Grocer .... Argentinian BBQ that's Delicioso

I'm a lover of grilled meats over charcoal fire. So, any restaurant that served them well would appeal to me. Charcoal fire extoll the goodness of the meat's own natural flavors by melting it's fats that got impinged on the meat and providing the juiciness for that hearty, satisfying enjoyment. Salta brought in a 5 metres long fire pit, called a parrilla, into the restaurant to serve out tantalizing chargrilled Argentinian meats. To us, a parilla is very similar to a barbeque pit. The asador's (barbeque chef) skill would involve controlling the fire and the proximity of the food to the fire, at a precise timing, to get the grilled meat to look delicious with the slightly charred exterior and the juicy tasty interior.

For entradas (starters) we, tried the Matambre which is stuffed beef roulade with mushroom, mixed salad and balsamic reduction. It really looked appetizing especially when were hungry on a Friday evening.

Here a slice of beef roulade that taste like a thicker slice of pancetta but not really savory as we liked it to be. The meat was pretty bland actually if not for the balsamic reduction that we used as dip sauce.

Empanadas are pastries filled with meat and/or vegetables. The Humita Empanadas, pastries filled with sweet corn and cream (one of their Signature), were served to us in a rustic wooden dish.

The pastry was light, flaky and we all love the obvious buttery richness. This empanadas tasted quite like the Polar Chicken pie but just without the chicken.

The Parillada was what we came here for. It's a mixed grill of short ribs, beef skirt, chicken, black hog pork, mixed sausage, lamb rack with vegetables and potatoes. I would say this dish made me happy as a clam, a contrary to reviews I read about their parrillada. The assorted sausages were good but we had to fight over it as we ordered a parillada for two to be shared between three adults who had just been set loose from final spurts in the office on a Friday evening. We ask for our beef to be medium rare and they were indeed succulent to the core. W and J teased me that it tasted like Cut's beef as I'm the only one in the group that haven't tried steak from Cut. The lamb rack was superb. Non of the overpowering smell of lamb which I don't really like. Even the chicken which some had gripes about being too dry turned out perfect. The meats were all simply salted which is how I liked to eat them cos' good meat shouldn't be cooked too complicated that it discounts it's original character.  If you are here just for Argentinian beef cuts, they would impress with good portions at a reasonable price.

Served together with the Parillada was a small heap of grilled eggplant, zucchini and potato slices.

We ordered a serving of sweet potato fries, thinking that we need more carbohydrates. I think we should have given this a pass. Barracks Cafe still serve the better sweet potato fries in town.

With the standards set by the Parrillada, it's no wonder my cousin waxed lyrical about Salta's Argentinian beef. At Salta, you have good quality meats, prepared well, and most importantly, at prices that wouldn't burn a hole in the pocket.

12 Gopeng Street
#01-56 Icon Village
Tel : +65 6225 8443

Opening Hours :

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Mal said...

It's odd how your set of paradilla meat platter came without sweet breads (organs and innards).

Mine did back when I visited the restaurant with some mates last year. And boy were they delicious.

Unknown said...

I guess they had the full suite when they started. Not a fan of sweet breads though but I'll return just to try some. Thanks for the tip off. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. I used to eat a lot of meat but because I am now old and fat, I rarely eat meat like my youthful days. Anyhow, as it is the holidays, I decided to be sinful. I thoroughly enjoyed every piece of meat from the paradilla meat platter (except the pork sausage). Hoever, I wonder if you and your other readers found the issue of little flies hovering around your drinks and food. I notice restaurant got an A rating but wondered how because there were at least four little flies attacking my plate. :(

Unknown said...

Oh it's a shame .... didn't experience or hear similar complains. I'm sure the staff would gladly make things RIGHT if you would have tell them about it.

I would agree it's these little things that spoil a good meal.


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