Saturday, March 17, 2012

味香園 Mei Heong Yeun Dessert ... 叫糊吃糊 if you are an avid mahjong player

I was down at Temple Street in Chinatown to replenish Chinese tonics for HY. It's good to know that Chinese medicine halls are still popular despite the rise of Western medicine. Anyway, the crowd in the medicine hall means a good wait so I left my list of tonic with the shop to prepare and I can come back later to collect. Let's not waste time waiting right! I rather sit in the dessert shop just beside the medicine hall called 味香園 Mei Heong Yuen Dessert to fill the waiting time. Do you know this heritage brand of peanuts called Farmer's Brand? Well if you can relate, the same family actually owns this dessert stall. Mei Heong Yuen's list of desserts ranges from iced based desserts to the traditional desserts. It was definitely convenient for me to eat here, check out if Summon Aunty is coming while waiting for my Chinese tonics being prepared next door.

I chose one from the Healthy Paste Category in their menu and the easy choice was peanut paste so as to follow their heritage. Since peanuts is their bread and butter, their peanut paste have to be good. True enough, it's smooth and fragrant. Some folks who have tasted the peanut paste in Hong Kong may find their paste slightly more dilute which is not a bad thing as it will not leave you throat sticky and dying for a cup of tea. 

One observation that tickled me in their dessert menu was this Cantonese phrase called 叫糊吃糊, which directly translates as order paste eat paste but it's a play on the game of mahjong. 叫糊 means calling for the winning card in the game of mahjong. 吃糊 means you got the winning card in the game of mahjong. So if you are a mahjong fan like me, wouldn't you want to 叫糊吃糊 more often? So order the paste man!

63~67 Temple Street
Tel : +65 6221 1156

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert Website


red fir said...

Replenishing Chinese tonics for HY while indulging your tummy with sweet desserts, 真是一举两得! :P

Unknown said...

I've got a "temporarily out of confinement pass". Have to make good use of it :)


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