Thursday, March 22, 2012

Selamat Datang, Welcome to Amirah & Nur Aniqah ... Shiok Shiok Mee Rebus

This was last Friday when we went to Adam Road Food Centre for a team lunch with my boss who's quite a foodie himself. My initial choice was the popular Nasi Lemak stall, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak,  but unfortunately they were closed for afternoon prayers and I didn't want the prawn noodles. So I stalked my boss to Selamat Datang Mee Soto and Mee Rebus Stall. Boss went for the Mee Rebus and I ordered the Soto Ayam that Makansutra gave some chopsticks.

Soto Ayam is actually packed rice, ketupat, dunked into Malay style chicken soup. The soup was clear, tasty and most importantly not as oily as other that I've tried. The shredded chicken was tender but scarce. However you can always add an extra dollar of shredded chicken. Although Makansutra gave the stall chopsticks for the Soto Ayam, but I thought I prefer a stronger flavored soup. Especially when the ketupat rice is in need of stronger flavored soup for dunking. Just my 2 cents for my preference. I didn't eat Soto Ayam enough to know better.

When I saw my boss slurping and enjoying his Mee Rebus, I couldn't stand it any longer as Soto Ayam in it's minute portion didn't satisfy me. I was back at the same stall to queue for the Mee Rebus. The aunty peered at me come back for more and I exclaimed, "Mee Soto too little. But she just smiled and get busy with my order. There were a few things I like about the Mee Rebus here. The gravy was intense enough, the green chilli was spicy and the noodle cooked al dente. Shiok-amaniac! Certainly prefer Mee Rebus to the Soto Ayam.

2 Adam Road Stall 9
Adam Road Food Centre


FoodieFC said...


How much does the Soto Ayam cost?

Another place that is well known for Soto Ayam is called Soto Ayam Inspiras located at Bedok Interchange Food Centre

Unknown said...

The Soto Ayam is S$2.50 for one bowl. Yeah my boss told me about Inspiras.


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