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CSHH Chye Seng Huat Hardware 再成發五金 Coffee + Retail Bar ...Coffeein a Hardware Shop. Hardcore Enough For You?

It's quite interesting how coffee shops have become coffee bars and how coffee bars nowadays don't want to tell you they are coffee bars, just like CSHH Chye Seng Huat Hardware 再成發五金. 150 Tyrwhitt Road is in the part town between Lavender Street and Jalan Besar Road where traditional hardware shops throng the area. Folks who are not in the "coffee circle" wouldn't know what's going on behind the facade of Chye Seng Huat Hardware. There's a Coffee Bar, Coffee Retail, The Roastery, The Workshop and The Annex. So there's roasting in here and probably coffee workshops with the available space. They're just opened for 2 days so stay tuned for more activities from the "Hardware shop".

CSHH is the brain child of the folks behind Papa Palheta and Loysel's Toy so  when I arrived,  I found the  traditional shutter gates slightly ajar and thought they were not open. Like Papa Palheta, you don't enter from the front .....

.... Ignore the "prohibiting" signs and walk right in. Here's the entrance. See what I mean? Just like Papa Palheta style where you "enter from the rear".

From the court yard, the coffee bar entrance welcomes you on the right.

Inside the Coffee Bar, the centre piece have to be the island coffee bar where there's 360 degrees interaction between the baristas and customers.

There's the Uber Boiler at the far end for precise water temperature deployed in pour overs and aeropressing.

My regular 5oz espresso + milk being prepared by the barrista behind the bar. CSHH follows high standards set by  Papa Palheta. The barrista  was not satisfied with the cup of coffee, send it into the sink and redo another one for me.

Barrista action is full frontal when you sit around the coffee bar. 

There are no terms like cafe latte, cappucinno, piccolo, gibraltar to confuse us customers. Espresso with milk drinks are served in mini 3oz and regular 5 oz cups. That's similar to how it's served in Nylon Coffee Roasters but CSHH do not serve them in 7oz cups as their espresso did not manage to cut through the foamed milk./span>

Here's the Synesso espresso machine, a work horse that gets you your espresso drinks.

First I ask for the regular size 5oz espresso + milk where Terra Firma managed to cut through the rich foamed milk while maintaining balance. Average coffee drinkers like me who love cafe lattes, cappucinnos and prefer them balanced would like this regular size. If you prefer your coffee to be drowned with milk, sorry it's not available here. If you need them, hit the malls.

Here's my mini 3 oz espresso + milk that followed after the 5oz that was able bring out more intense flavors from the Terra Firma blend. It has stronger coffee flavors but still has its acidity well tamed.

Apart from the espressos, there are the pour overs and brews from the aeropress. CSHH does serve pastry and cakes to go with coffee. I was here just for coffee cos' there's some home bake waiting for me at home :)

Brewing with the Aeropress.

The retail shelf  that lined the wall behind the island coffee bar is made with steel bars and that gels with the Hardware Shop theme. On the rack are the V60 filters, grinders, espresso machine and most importantly the Papa Palheta coffee blends and single origins for you coffee freaks who like to DIY at home. 

One of the typical tables and chairs that's surrounding the island coffee bar.

Old Spiral stair-ed dwellings are not the exclusive rights to folks in Tiong Bahru. We can find them here too. Here in Tyrwhitt Road, discover the character of the area while you're searching for CSHH Chye Seng Huat Hardware 再成發五金. Hope coffee for you is as hardcore as you can get in this hardware shop.

Bolts and Nuts is the name of the seasonal blend retailed in CSHH

CSHH Opening Hours

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563
Tel : +65 6396 0609
Chye Seng Huat Hardware Facebook


Juu // OK!BANANA said...

Teeheehee, definitely Hardcore enough! I really enjoyed your review, you definitely love your coffee!

Also, I linked this post on my blog entry as well! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Juliana Thanks. Yes I love my coffee :)


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