Saturday, October 13, 2012

港記 Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant ... KL Hokkien Black Noodles

Singaporeans love to eat and so much so that while we're eating a meal, we talk about the next meal. 港記 Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant is one name that was thrown around many times and  we're finally here to order their signature KL Hokkien Black NoodlesHY and I thought that it's gonna be the typical thick yellow noodles but the noodles was thick and almost udon like. The black sauce was tasty and slightly sweetened. It was good but I really don't know if it's as authentic as the KL one. So I talked to the supervisor during one occasion while I was waiting for my take away. She told me that the authentic KL style uses the thick yellow noodles that has ghee. They ask their noodle supplier to custom one that do not use ghee, almost udon like but less springy than the udon.

One unique dish that we had to go with the black noodles was the fish bone. The fish bones had morsels of fish meat stuck on them. They were deep fried and then stir fried with chilli flakes and spring onions.

I love the Sweet and Sour Pork. The sweetness and sourness was balanced. Those served in many places are sweeter then sour. The pork was tender and chewy.

Giant Prawns Crispy Noodles with egg sauce was pretty good.  The savory sauce with the half cooked egg made this dish real delicious. However, the crispy noodles was a tard too dry and couldn't soak up the taste of the sauce. 

Local Favorite, Sambal Kangkong was tasty but wasn't as fiery as I liked it.

611/613 Lorong 31 Geylang
Singapore 389550
Tel : +65 6443 8221


Tony Johor Kaki said...

Jason, love your post :) Delicious pics and short and sweet write up. The KL Hokkien mee? The one in Petaling Street (Kam Ling Kee) has so much lard in it that the gravy won't flow even if we tilt the plate. And, my heart stopped just by looking at it. But I ate it all up anyway, because it is Hokkien mee to die for :P

Unknown said...

Hope I get the chance to go KL for the real deal :)

adel said...

i must say the KL hokkien noodles warrant a visit already...other great dishes to boot too :)


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