Sunday, October 7, 2012

海外天 Oversea Restaurant ... Oh man! I'm in love with their Char Siew

Chris, my sis-in-law suggested lunch at 海外天 Oversea Restaurant and told us that she pre-order their barbeque pork "char siew". Pre-order char siew ??? That's a first for me. She had tried Oversea Restaurant's char siew during her work stint in KL and decided to bring us to the Oversea Restaurant at Shaw Leisure Gallery when she found out that restaurant famous for their char siew has an oversea branch in Singapore. If you know where's Tom's Palette, walk right pass the ice cream parlor and all the way to the far end. That's where the restaurant resides inside Shaw Leisure Gallery. They have been operating at this location for more than 1 year. Satisfying lunch. Thanks Chris!

菜干蜜枣隆骨汤 Preserved Vegetable, Red Dates and Pork Rib Soup. Soup came first in an earthen ware. After the soup was served to us, the ingredients were scooped out for us to dig in when we like to.  

It was mostly savory due to the preserved  vegetable with the sweetness from the pork ribs and red dates.

古法炭烧叉烧 Barbeque Pork (Char Siew). This was what we came here for. The char siew is about half fatty and half lean. Before this, I never knew char siew came from heaven and will melt in your mouth until this afternoon. For those who love char siew, it's charred-ness coated with sweet thick sauce, this is a MUST TRY!

脆皮烧腩仔 Roasted Pork Belly. Yummy but we have seen similar standards elsewhere. Let me recall .... as tasty but as minuscule in portion as we had in Imperial Treasure.

天下炒饭 House Special Fried Rice. Father-in-law complained of uncooked rice. Definitely not! haha. Oversea restaurant's signature fried rice had the super crispy fried "fried rice" stir fried inside their fried rice. It was good.
桂花滑鱼筒Stir Fried Fish Maw with Scrambled Egg and Fish Paste. 

The stir fried mix was wrapped up in crunchy lettuce and it was a good way to "demolish" this dish. The stir fried mix tasted like the traditional Teochew cold dish of scrambled egg with shark's fin.

清炒菠菜 Stir Fried Spinach. This dish was simple but wraps up our lunch with a thumbs up. It's so simple yet you can taste the "wok hei" and the crunchiness of the vegetable.

Milk Pudding. Does this look like a milk pudding to you? This was not on the menu and was recommended by the manager. I ask the manager if it's the correct order. Yes it was. The milk pudding was totally hidden under these little seeds that's commonly used with the ice jelly dessert.

100 Beach Road
#01-27~37 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702
Tel : +65 6294 2638
Oversea Restaurant Website


FoodieFC said...

heard abt their char siew too! Was the meal expensive? As I heard prices there are quite steep

Unknown said...

Char Siew is not cheap but good! :)


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