Friday, December 14, 2012

Wai Kee Congee 威記粥店 a good breakfast place in Central, Hong Kong

Central Hong Kong is teeming with delicious street food. During our last trip to Hong Kong with our Eat Eat Eat group, we came to Wai Kee Congee at Stanley Street. While I was busy taking photos, food on the table meant for sharing was mercilessly pecked away. We're back, but only HY and me, to try the goodies serve by this breakfast shop. It was a short walk from the Rabbithole and we came here after getting some delicious coffee.

We got to have Wai Kee's congee, smooth and tasty regardless of whether you order the beef congee or the pork congee. The carrot cake and the Zha Leong  are "must tries". Zha Leong is actually deep fried dough fritters wrapped up in steamed rice flour roll. This Hong Kong breakfast dish needs to be eaten fresh so that the dough fritter is still crunchy while the rice flour roll is still steaming hot. Leave this to cool down, the dough fritter will get soggy.

Here's the close up of the Zha Leong 炸两. To do this well, the dough fritter needs to be crispy and Wai Kee does that very well.

Wai Kee's Carrot Cake was the one dish that I missed the last time. So good that I don't even get the scraps. There were bits of crunchy radish inside the soft exture of the cake.

82 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel : 852 2543 2732


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