Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shin Yeh 欣叶 ............ Taiwanese Fine Cuisine

I was lucky to be introduced to Shin Yeh in Taipei, Taiwan, just 2 years back. Shin Yeh is a fine diner for Taiwanese cuisine. The restaurant is in a building right across the SOGO in Taipei. The restaurant clientele were mostly 30ish and above. It is also a place for business dining. That was when I had eaten my first fine Taiwanese cuisine.

I am glad that Shin Yeh have decided to venture into Singapore. Shin Yeh Singapore is brought in by the Tung Lok group. The spacious restaurant is situated on the second floor of Liang Court. Some tables beside the window provides the Singapore River view. Some sections of the restaurant can be isolated for private dining. The restaurant is opened till 2am.

.......... interior of the restaurant

This Saturday evening we decided to pay a visit to Shin Yeh as one of my friend who is joining me told me that he was not feeling well. Not well enough for an East Coast Parkway weekend jog but well enough for a hearty dinner which is not too "heaty". Well for Chinese, Teochew/Taiwanese porridge becomes part of the consideration when we want food that is not "heaty". However, the dishes that comes along with the porridge disregards the "heaty" consideration for my friend. You'll see what I mean when I present the dishes that we have ordered.

The worthy dishes that goes with the free flow porridge with sweet potato.

Salty Pork Patties with egg yolk
This salty dish goes well with the porridge.
I'll drizzle the porridge with the sauce for this dish.
Poached Savoury Duck in Boullion 咸水鸭
This cold dish is one of the more popular dishes here.
Its cool and light without the chilli sauce.

Taiwanese oyster omelette
It taste different from the ones we have in our hawker center.
Let you be the judge on whether the Taiwanese or the Singaporean one is better.

"Tiger bite pig" bun 虎咬猪
An interesting name but I think this is the highlight of my dinner.
The bun is wrapped with fatty pork, preserved vegetables and 
grounded peanuts. I had this in the original Taipei restaurant and thinks 
that the fillings here is not as generous and the bun is slightly smaller.

Chicken Roulade
Lamb with Special Sauce
When this dish came, we were told to eat fast as
the lamb will not be as tender when it becomes cold.
The sauce taste good but most importantly
the chef manage to remove the smell of the lamb.
I have forgotten some of the Chinese names for the above dishes but............ do you think the above dishes are heaty?
Apart from the enjoyable meal, mostly due to our foursome of good munching company, I feel that the service needs some polishing. Shin Yeh is new, I should provide a little discount on this for now. After all, my experience with a one month old Il Lido also isn't something impressive. 
And one more thing just for gossips ............. is char siew a Taiwanese dish? Well, it's in the menu ;)
Cost : about S$35 per person.
Address : 177 River Valley Road, #02-19 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Country : Singapore


Scenes in Singapore life said...

I ate at this restaurant too...and like you, I found the service to be lacking. Very slow to attend to our needs, though once they appeared, was rather informative.

Unknown said...

The service in Shin Yeh is so much better now!


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