Sunday, November 2, 2008

Casa Verde ............... a breakfast hideout in the botanical gardens

Casa Verde is a Les Amis Group food outlet opened in place of Cafe Les Amis and the cafe is located inside the Singapore Botanical Gardens (Visitors Centre). This is a popular venue for the weekend morning and a good place to rest after a jog or walk in the garden. For those who are blessed with kids, this place is a good family breakfast place with plenty of space for kids to move about. For dog lovers, your pet are most welcome as long as you keep a poo bag handy (Poo bags are provided at the garden entrance).

......... You can have your meal indoors ...........

........... or you can have your meal outdoors .............

This Sunday morning, after visiting the monthly orchid sale in the botany courtyard in the gardens, I decided to visit this cafe for breakfast. The list of food in Casa Verde ranges from Western breakfast, cakes and breads to the local delights like laksa. There is also a list of pizzas and of course, Italian freshly ground gourmet coffee. Guess what ........... Les Amis's management had gotten Buko Nero chef Oscar Pasinato to create the menu for Casa Verde. If you've feast at Buko Nero, you'll know it's minimum culinary standards.
It's self service for the over-the-counter food and drinks. Only freshly prepared meals will be sent to the table.

Here's what I had with my wife and mother-in-law;

Western Set (S$13.50) - Choice of fried or scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, mini croissant, 2 slices of toast served with butter & preserves, orange juice or fruits with coffee or tea.

Cinnamon french toast with fresh berries and maple syrup (S$8.50)

Banana Muffin (S$3.00) and Chocolate Chip Brioche (S$2.50)

The following contents are added on 21st February 2009. After a jog in the gardens with HY and our friends. Here's what we had ...... slurp!

Waffle Set (S$8.50) - Waffle topped with strawberries.

Gourmet Breakfast (S$14.00) - Choice of fried or scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, back bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown,  mushrooms, 2 slices of toast served with butter & preserves.

Address : 1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanical Gardens (Visitor Center)

Tel : +65 6467 7326

Country : Singapore


Lisa Plus Size said...

I am flying to Singapore tomorrow and have been doing lots of online searches for places to meet my friend for breakfast. After reading your review I am hooked on going to Casa Verde. Sounds like the perfect spot to meet and have a Western style meal (which I have not had for months since I have been traveling throughout Asia since August). Since I am an orchid lover I plan to spend the late morning (before the heat sets in) walking through the gardens. Thanks so much for your article. It really helped me make a decision.

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa, hope you enjoy yourself at Casa Verde and the Singapore Botanical Gardens!


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