Friday, November 7, 2008

记得吃 Desert Store ............... for 姜汁撞奶 ginger milk curd

记得吃 Ji De Chi (translated to mean Remember to Eat) desert store is among the many eateries along Liang Seah Street right across Bugis junction at the North Bridge Road side. The place is bustling with people and I can hardly find any seats. One of their speciality is the 姜汁撞奶 milk curd which I had ordered. This desert can be commonly found at the Kowloon area along Nathan Road. The curd is really smooth and the taste of ginger makes it all the more fragrant. If you're a fan of milk and ginger............ you will "remember to eat" at this place.

I haven't tried the other deserts but they all seem nice as I observed people ordering all their different deserts on the menu.

Cost : S$2~5 (depending on what desert you order)

Address : 8, Liang Seah Street, #01-03 (another shop at 46 Upper Cross Street, #01-02, Tel : +65 6226 6628)

Tel : +65 6339 9928

Country : Singapore

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