Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園茶餐厅 @ Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong

This is a popular "cha chan teng" 茶餐厅 patronized by TV celebrities in the region. The main draw for me is the milk tea 丝袜奶茶 and the pork bun 猪扒包.

丝袜奶茶 Milk Tea
To help enhance the taste of the ice milk tea, and prevent
taste dilution when the ice melts, they actually freeze the milk
tea into ice cubes and add them to every cup of Iced Milk Tea.
This is the kind of effort put into making good ice milk tea.

鸳鸯 Yin Yang Coffee and Tea Mixed
This coffee and tea mix is an acquired taste for some
but it is common knowledge that this drink originates
from Hong Kong. However, this is debatable on a global basis.

I thought that the pork bun was especially good when eaten at the shop. I had 2 of them to myself. The meat is very tender. Three years ago, I actually takeaway 12 of the pork buns and then fly back to Singapore. The boss stacked 6 buns in a bottom layer, add a card board, and then another layer of 6. Then all tightly packed and tied up in a plastic bag. Makes it easy to stuff it in the luggage bag if you want to. I don't think you can takeaway the buns as I did before nowadays (Airport checks are getting more stringent).

猪扒包 The Pork Bun
Although the pork bun originates from Macau,
Lan Fong Yuen manage to make them good if not better.
Their bun is softer than the Macau version.

A bisection view of my pork bun
reveals the mayonnaise, tomato and well marinated
pork meat sandwiched between the bun halves.

I'll try to visit the store whenever I'm in Hong Kong. There's nothing close to their standard in the 猪扒包 and 丝袜奶茶 in Singapore. It's an eat and go place ...... so let's not talk about the ambience .......... its typical 茶餐厅 standard. No frills service available.

丁面 "Instant" Noodles
Another food evolution of the Hong Kong culture is the 丁面 "Instant" noodles
that is sold in "char chan tengs" 茶餐厅 like Lan Fong Yuen. Instant noodles with
a sausage, an egg and some vegetables, the traditional Hong Kong street fast food.

Cost : about HK$30 per person

Address : 7 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong Island

Tel : 28540731

Country : Hong Kong

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