Saturday, November 29, 2008

Good Food Secrets in Commonwealth Crescent 十六楼

Commonwealth Crescent is a little secluded area of older HDB flats. To some of the older generation Singaporeans, this place is known as "16 storeys", 十六楼, as it is populated with blocks of 16 storey HDB flats which marks an era of HDB public housing about 40 years ago. (for the nonSingaporeans, HDB is Housing Development Board). Although secluded, this little place has some good food "secrets". 

1) Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 (Commonwealth Crescent, Blk 116)

"Chi Char" 煮 炒 is a colloqial terminology that literally means "Cook and Fried". It is a term used to describe a budget restaurant, usually of Cantonese origin. A "Chi Char" place is where families will gather for a good dinner and sparing the extra cost for ambience and service. It is also a place for takeaways. Although we're ging budget here, some Chi char place can really whip up a storm that will leave you salivating for more. 

Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 is one of the eating place that can be categorized as a typical "Chi Char" 煮 炒 place. This "Chi Char" place that is already popular and it only became even more crowded after being featured as one of the best "Chi Char" place in the Sunday Times. 

Here's what I had for my weekday dinner with my wife.  The hor fun is quite normal but both my wife and I liked the salted fish fried rice 咸鱼炒饭 and the Honey Pork Rib 蜜汁排骨.

This is only a reconnaissance trip so we only ordered simple fare to fill the stomach. I'll reveal some of their more popular dishes after I'm going dinner this coming Sunday.

The salted fish fried rice 咸鱼炒饭 (S$3.50) with the thicker slices of salted fish strips ..........

Honey Pork Rib 蜜汁排骨 (S$8) with the big slices of fried shalots. The meat is tender and glazed with honey. The shalots makes this dish very tasty. This is not their popular dish and it is already so satisfying. I can't wait till this Sunday evening ........

2) Eng Kee 容记 (Commonwealth Crescent, Blk 117)

I'm wondering about the reason behind the long queue that the stall attracts. I took a closer look and found that they are actually selling fried bee hoon and normal fare (at least it looks normal to me) that compliments the bee hoon. There's fried chicken wings, Taiwanese sausages and so on. The stall has a Makansutra symbol that they print on their signboard. I'm really curious that the normal fare that they sell is able to attract such a line of people. I will find time to eat at this place some time in the near future.

Country : Singapore

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