Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon 百阑阁鱼肉米粉 ............... don't be fooled by pirates

I have been suggested by a few friends to food stalls that claims the Blanco Court Sliced Fish Bee Hoon. Everytime, it was a disappointment as these are most likely "pirated" stalls that had used the Blanco Court name. I only realised from an food article in the Straits Times that the original stall was relocated to the current location at Beach Road. So........ Don't be fooled by pirates!

............... I was in the queue on a Saturday 12 noon.

Why the Blanco Court name? The stall was originally in a food center situated in the Blanco Court. Blanco Court was known as a place that wholesale festive decorations, like Christmas lights, ornamental Christmas trees, and wrapping papers. Now the Raffles Hospital at Bugis site is where Blanco Court was.

The original stall that is really worthy of the name now sits in 341 Beach Road, Luk Lu Eating House. Makansutra has given the stall a 4 chopsticks rating.

The fried eggs that they add to the fish soup is crispy above the soup surface and tangy when dunked in the soup. The fried eggs is where you can experience the difference between the original and the pirates! An extra serving of fried eggs will cost S$2.00 per bowl. Apart from the fried eggs, the fried fish slices is crispy especially at the edges which is sometimes crunchy.

You are able to order the fish soup to be eaten with a bowl of rice or the sliced fish bee hoon (noodles). There is a choice of the fried fish slices or the boiled fish slices. I prefer the fried slice fish that is served at the stall.

............... fried sliced fish soup with extra eggs and fish at S$5.00

............... the fried eggs close up

............... The cold logan drink at the eating house is good to have for a warm day when you eat the sliced fish soup.

My wife gave me a earful for not waiting for her to eat after I've confessed that I've eaten the fried fish soup during the 1 hour wait (I was waiting for her to finish her pop piano lesson ..... and we already had lunch). Even if she pinched me by my ears......... its still worth it! :)

The following part of the diary is added on 1st of November :

I've visited the stall again with my wife (this time to appease my wife for enjoying this good stuff without her last week). It was still a satisfying lunch although I had the fried fish soup only one week ago. This time round, I ordered

.............. fried fish noodles. Noticed that the soup is more milky than the boiled fish noodles. Evaporated milk is actually added for the fried fish noodle soup.

.............. my wife have the boiled fish noodles. The soup is clearer as evaporated milk is not added.

Another tip : Some folks in the queue ordered fish porridge which is actually the same fried fish or boiled fish soup poured onto a bowl of white rice.

Cost : S$4.00 for a standard bowl of sliced fish bee hoon or sliced fish soup. S$2.00 for extra bowl of fried eggs.

Address : 341 Beach Road Luk Lu Eating House.

Country : Singapore

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