Friday, November 7, 2008

Soon Lee Porridge ............... value for your money

For the tasty porridge that they served, I don't see the "accreditation" from Makansutra at the front of the stall or the need for it. Soon Lee don't need the extra crowd. The porridge that is served here is not the smooth type as in some places but definitely tasty. For S$2.20, which is considered budget food, there is a good quantity of meat in a single bowl. The meat balls are tasty and the "dang cai"东菜 bits mixed inside the porridge makes it nice. For the people who eats hawker fare and still like to manoeuvre along the healthier edge of life, try to be careful. Sometimes you can expect one or 2 cubes of fried pork lard, 猪油渣 ........ yummy

Soon Lee serves the standard pork, chicken and fish porridge. You can ask for a different mix of the meat e.g. fish with pork, to cater for your unique taste buds.

If you decide to visit during lunchtime on a weekday, prepare to wait 25mins for your porridge. You're lucky if the wait is less than 25mins.

Cost : S$2.20 per bowl, S$2.50 per bowl with egg, S$3.00 per bowl with extra meat.

Address : Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3 #01-26 Clementi Central Market and Hawker Centre

Opening hours : Opens daily from 6.00am ~ 7.00pm. Closed on Sunday.


ice said...

I think that Frederik Lim stole your photo and sent it to too. He plagiarised my entire review. See this, the picture there looks uncannily the same as yours.

Anonymous said...


I sincerely apologise for taking your photos without permission. Keep posting good food ok!

ice said...

Very random, but any idea where this stall has relocated to? The hawker centre is undergoing renovation & I'm having a fierce intense craving for their pork porridge with egg! ): in a blue bowl. (:

Slurp said...

Clementi Central closed for reno .... I have no idea but will keep a look out.

BTW Alexandra Village also closed for reno ..... was trying to look for the crystal bun

ice said...

Some of the stalls at Alexandra Village have moved to the nearby coffeeshops at the same area, whilst some have relocated to ABC Brickworks FC. Maybe you could go check around.

ice said...

Hey could I borrow your photo? Will credit it back to you.(:

Slurp said...

No problem ...... Are you trying to create a 'Wanted List' ?

ice said...

Hey thanks. Have a major craving for it again.

red fir said...

Soon Lee's pork porridge 4 times in less than 2 weeks. Awesomeness.


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