Saturday, November 8, 2008

Blanco Court Prawn Mee .................... Prawn base soup with chilli powder for kicks

Blanco court prawn mee owns the whole shophouse.It is located along Beach Road and near Haji Lane. I visited this place a few times before and I visit the place during lunch time today. The soup is tasty and I'll get a kick out of adding a good portion of chilli powder to the soup. The pork rib is good and soft which makes it easy to peeled off the bone. It's nicely flavoured after being immersed in the prawn soup for some time.

I've ordered the 2-in-1 (giant prawn and pork ribs only)instead of the standard 3-in-1 (giant prawns, pork ribs and pig's tail). You can order a bowl at a price of S$6/8/10. I've ordered a S$8 bowl and I was given 1 full prawn split in 2 halves and several pork ribs.

............... the S$8 2-in-1 (giant prawn and pork ribs only)

Some of my friends that patronised the eatery with me ordered S$5 bowls of big prawn mee. There's like about 4 to 5 big prawns. Big prawn mee is available for S$4/5/8 per bowl.

...............S$5 Big Prawn Mee

I noticed that the difference between the giant prawn and the big prawn is the portion near the prawn head where there is this orange flesh which I think is the prawn roe. However, I noticed that the big prawn and the giant prawn is only a slight difference in size. This makes me wonder if my 2-in-1 is worth the extra S$3 or just my luck for getting a smaller giant prawn.

As for service, they do serve the food to the table fast enough. The ambience in the shop is comfortable as it is well ventilated and cleaner than most hawker center that may provide similar fare.

Worthiness of my S$8 bowl of pork rib prawn mee aside, the soup, prawn and pork ribs are indeed well prepared!

Address : 243/245 Beach Road #01-01

Tel : 63968464

Country : Singapore

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