Friday, November 7, 2008

Teh Halia, Ginger infused tea ............... My favourite Teh Halia joints

I recalled the days when I was a little kid and my dad would bring me to Farrer park to watch the National team soccer practice. After that, we'll proceed to have a drink at a Sarabat stall in a nearby hawker centre. The hawker centre was long gone but what's left with me was a developed fondness to Teh Halia.

Teh Halia is actually tea with milk, infused with ginger. Some stalls would blend the ginger and filter out the ginger juice and then add water to dilute. Some would boil sliced ginger in water to get the ginger-spicy brew. This ginger juice/water is then added to the tea to give it a spicy taste. For this gingery beverage, is not appreciated by all even though 
the goodness of ginger is known. It is an acquired taste. If you like to have more halia power, you can have it more spicy. Sometimes, the extra spiciness will be compromising the taste of the tea. Wadai (pronounced as Wa-Day) is a good complimentary Indian finger food for Teh Halia. Wadai is made of flour and is fried with shrimps embedded in the flour.

Where to find good Teh Halia.........
1) Sarabat stall along Baghdad street, opposite Kampong Glam Cafe. - This stall is famous after being featured in the Singapore Tourism Guide and is found in Japanese guide books.

2) Sarabat stall at Telok Blangah drive hawker centre, Noordeen Teh Tarik, #01-39 - This stall can unleash the spiciness of the halia. You can ask the boss to make it more potent if you like it.

Cost : S$0.70 ~ 0.90

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