Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake ............... thick tangy pan cake!

The pancake is good stuff. It's thick and tangy. The aunty is generous with the peanuts.

When I open the styrofoam box in my office, the fragrance just gush out ...........

Thick pancake with generous serving of peanut ...............

I intended to eat 1 and share the rest with my colleagues. In the end, I ate 3 and shared 1. That's just how good it is. As for the peanuts, I like it from Tiong Bahru Peanut Pancake stall. The highlight of the Tanglin Halt pancake must be the tanginess of the pancake. Best!

I was there at 8.15am and there was only 1 person after me. Surprise that there's no queue (I heard a rumour that you'll have to be there at 7am). How lucky.........

Cost : S$0.60 for 1 piece of panut pancake, S$0.60 for 1 piece of red bean pancake, S$0.90 for 1 piece of yam paste pancake 

Address : 48 Tanglin Halt Road, Stall 16, Tanglin Halt Market

Opening Hours : 5am ~ 11am. Closed on Monday.

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SiHaN said...

I was surfing for food porn since I am stuck here in Dubai for the better of the next few months. Love your site loads! and this peanut pancake.. OMG.. I just died and went to heaven looking at it. *droolz*


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