Sunday, November 9, 2008

Raku @ Greenwood Avenue .......... Japanese cuisine out of the city bustle

Raku serves a variety of Japanese food. There's sashimi, sushi, grilled, noodle and so on. Raku has 3 outlets, one in Holland Village and Greenwood Avenue. I've been to the Holland Village outlet before and find that the lighting is a bit to dim. Readily available parking in Holland Village will be quite a distance away if you do not like to brave the car park wait at the nearest Holland Village public car park. At Greenwood Avenue, parking is available as there isn't a crowd like in Holland Village. 

The following are the dishes that I liked :

The bowl of yasai and the miso based dip - S$6 (standard welcome starter). I like this little welcome starter, a bowl of Yasai bowl that is filled with fresh crunchy cabbage, cucumber and carrots. A miso based dip is served together with the vegetable............

Anago Sushi - S20 for 4 pieces (seasonal eel, grilled and topped with a little sauce).

Raku Special Maki - S$20 (Maki with salmon wrapping fillings of unagi and soft shell crab) ...............

Raku Maki closed up ...........

Tenderloin Beef - S$30. I did not eat this but my wife and friends all liked this tenderly prepared beef................

Aji Shioyaki (Grilled Aji mackeral) - S$38.00. The texture of the fish is much better than the frozen mackerals but at a price of course. Frozen mackerals are available at S$12.

Seafood fried rice - S$24. This seafood fried rice is prepared with plenty of garlic which makes it very fragrant. Have a mint after this dish ................

Address : 10 Green Wood Avenue

Tel : +65 6219 9447

Country : Singapore

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