Friday, November 7, 2008

The Best of Crispy Curry Puffs

Possible origin of our curry puffs ............

Aren't you intrigued by the similarities between a Cornish pasty and the curry puff? Well since Singapore was once a British Colony, maybe, one British did bring it over here. Some clever local enterpreneur must have changed the filling which evolved into the curry puff that we see today. Ever noticed why the curry puff is sealed with the thicker wavy crust at the edge, like a double fold? Well if you follow the suggestion that curry puff could brought into Singapore by the British ..........

The Cornish Pasty, when it evolved to meet the need for miners in Cornwall, it was folded and sealed the way it is as in our curry puff for the miners who ate their food in the mines. To avoid arsenic poisoning, they'll hold the pasty with their dirty hand at the thick edge. After eating most of the pasty, the crust is thrown away. Of course in Singapore, we eat all of it. To some, the crust at the edge is the prized portion that should be eaten last.

My choice of best curry puffs in Singapore are as follows;

1) Wang Wang Crispy Curry Puff 旺旺脆皮咖哩卜专卖店 ............... the stall in Old Airport Road Market

The curry puffs that Wang Wang create have the lighter, flaky crust. When eaten fresh, the crispy crust and the tasty filling blends together. The curry is quite spicy. Apart from the original potato curry puffs, Wang Wang also sells the black pepper chicken puff. The one with the black filling show in the photo is the black pepper chicken puff. Another curry puff chain, A1 curry puff, has the same type of crust but I still prefer Wang Wang as the potato is slightly more spicy.

............. the crispy puffs in a box of six

............... the puffs cut open.

Cost : S$ 1.10 / curry puff, S$1.30 / back pepper chicken puff

Address : 51 Old Airport Road, #01-126, Old Airport Road Food Centre

2) Tip Top Curry Puffs

When you visit the stall, you'll notice that there is a CCTV in the stall that shows some workers kneading the dough meant for making the crust. The pre-prepared dough are those that you can see on the bar top ledge of the stall in the photo. The curry puffs here are also freshly made.

............... Tip Top Curry Puff stall

............... the puffs cut open.

Cost : S$1.10 / curry puff

Address : 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2843

Both the curry puffs if best to eat within the next few hours. When you leave it overnight, you can put it in the toaster to heat it for a while but the taste dropped a few levels.


Anonymous said...

their price has increased to SGD$1.20/-
I tink their curry puff is not as crispy anymore, as their puff skin is getting thicker as days go by. sorry but I just honestly giving comments.

Unknown said...

Hi If you are able to see this, were you refering to Wang Wang in old airport? Don't be sorry. Honest comments are most welcome.


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