Saturday, November 22, 2008

Firestation Hillside Gastrobar .............. European cuisine in a firemen's quarters?

Where can you find the novelty of dining in firemen's quarters? This may sound kinky to some and a turn off to others. But fret not! Firestation Hillside Gastrobar (FHG) is not your Firestation themed diner where you'll expect to see a full size fire engine/truck with service personnel wearing firemen uniforms to serve you food. I was secretly hoping that I get to wear a firemen's helmet and dine in a fire truck!

FHG is located inside an old firestation. It is not at the main building but is a little distance from the main road and in one block of the firemen's living quarters. The cleverly placed lights have brightened the once regimented, "no-nonsense", building. They've build a transparent shelter that you can dine with a roof over your head and yet still able to enjoy the stars. As this diner is quite new, I wonder if their private rooms, which are actually "blueprinted" to be on the upper levels, are ready for business.

The Gastrobar serves modern European comfort food in a casual environment. There's also tapas that goes with the drinks from their bar. 

The following are the food that I've tried and would recommend.

TheBig Five pizza (S$24) has five main toppings : Chorizo Sausage, BBQ chicken, Salami, Onions, Mushrooms ..........

My wife ate the Pan Fried Salmon (S$26)  that comes with Fine Beans, Confit Cherry Tomato and Mashed Potato. This dish is not too oily which is to her liking! ..........

The Potato Gnocchi (S$28) is prepared with  Duck Confit, Wild mushrooms, Pomodoro, Garlic, White Truffle Oil. ..........

A  close up of the gnocchi ..........

A few of my friends ordered the "Grain fed 120 days Beef Sirloin" - S$30. The Sirloin does have an interesting name but I did not get a taste of it. The fries that comes with it was so nicely made that my wife was busy picking it from the plates!

For the sake of an adventurous spirit or the fetish for firemen ........... go try it and see for yourself. Will the fire from Firestation Hillside Gastrobar continue to burn?

Address : 274 Upper Bukit Timah Road (Look at the website for exact location)

Country : Singapore

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