Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toa Payoh Rojak @ Old Airport .......... my regular "tau pok" and "you cha gwei" fix

This Toa Payoh Rojak is not in Toa Payoh. It is in Old Airport. Business is so good for this stall that they need to install an electronic counter that shows the queue number. So, don't wait there. Take a number from the stall and be off to get your mains. After all rojak is a side dish. Well ........ at least for me.

When your number appears on the counter, go rattle off your order. This is when the uncle will grill the "tau pok" and the "you cha gwei". This is why you get the crispy crunchy rojak. The prawn paste is thick enough and they are generous with the peanuts.

As my munching buddies are mostly not vegetable people, we usually order only "tau pok", "you cha gwei" and skip the vegetables.

Sometimes, the uncle's son will help out at the stall. One of my friend actually thought that the rojak prepared by uncle is better and would "prayed" in his heart that uncle and not his son is preparing the regular mix for us.

One tip for eating this dish. Do not let the "tau pok" and "you cha gwei" wait too long. Savour its crisp else it'll punish you. When you leave it long enough, like 10 mins, the "you cha gwei" at the bottom will get over-soaked in the prawn paste. It looses the crisp and it becomes too sweet. So, I'll not advise this dish to be taken away unless you are just 5 minutes away from your destination.
The "tau pok" and "you cha gwei" mix ...............

Cost : S$3~5

Address : 51 Old Airport Road, #01-108, Old Airport Road Food Centre.

Country : Singapore

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