Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheng Delicacies - Authentic Hainanese Curry Rice 正宗海南咖哩饭 ............ Good Fried Pork Chop with Hainanese curry

Cheng Delicacies is tucked in a "secluded" area in Tiong Bahru. When you reach the restaurant, you'll find that the place seems quite "laid back". The big sign board that says "Authentic Hainanese Curry Rice" sticks out prominently from one of the shophouse pillars.

The chi char style restaurant at the corner of Yong Siak street ..........

You can order the a serving chicken chop curry rice at S$4.80. My lunch buddies and I ordered a little spread to share. The following's what we had and I find them good.

The little spread that we had for 4 person ....................

The Hainanese pork chop that comes with a separate serving of curry so that you can eat it with or without curry. This is very crispy and the pork is tender inside ...........

The Hainanese curry chicken is a nicely cooked chicken in thick curry. This curry is a bit different from the one that comes with the pork chop ..........

Fried tofu with mince meat ..........

Cost : About S$12 per person

Address : 27 Yong Siak Street

Tel: 6223-7883

Opening hours: 8.30am to 8pm (weekdays), 8.30am to 3pm (weekends)

Country : Singapore


Raventress said...

I'm not too sure on the food because I did not have the chance it.

Nevertheless, I would like to contribute to your entry with a service review.

My friend and I just finished lunch and wanted to have a drink at the coffeeshop.

Our order was declined and told they only take food orders.

We were surprised to be turned away at a coffeeshop for being too small a customer when it was only 60% filled due to non peak hour.

We were about to leave after finishing our smoke when the lady owner rudely took away the ash tray and said we were not allowed to smoke at the smoking table.

30 seconds later, the male owner came and told us to leave in an aggressive manner.

Reason? We were occupying their table and hindering their business.

Throughout the fiasco, we looked at them in disbelief without a single word.

This seemed to aggrevate the owners further when they started to verbally abuse us with comments like 'Can't stand your this type of face', 'Do you understand what I am saying or not?', 'Other customers are looking at you, you are embarrassing yourself'.

It is beneath us to get into a fight but we couldn't help but wonder how does one run a business with such appalling attitude.

Unknown said...

Raventress : Just to be on the fair side, I don't think Cheng's Delicacy is a coffeeshop. I wouldn't sit there to drink. Nothing much there to drink anyway. If I'm doing chi char business, I would be worried too if my customers just come buy one drink and take up the seats for a long time. There's a reason why at some chain cafes, even when they provide couch and sofa, they shine some warm light to make sure you're not too comfortable there and hopefully leave on your own accord. I do agree with you that if that's what happen to you, they're being a bit too agressive. I would choose to explain politely. However, their food is quite good if you still decide to eat there.


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