Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball .......... how many balls of chicken rice would you like?

I remember when I was a small kid, I will carry a soup container to the chicken rice ball stall to buy chicken rice balls (without the chicken). The soup container is for the soup takeaway. I remember that I will order a few pieces of tau pok to go with the rice and soup. The stall is inside a coffee shop called Boon Hwa Food Centre, the coffee shop opposite it's original location.

The Hainanese uncle and aunty that I bought the chicken rice ball from had since passed away and their son has taken over the business. 

Here's the chicken rice ball. The chicken rice is hand shaped into balls ..........

I like my chicken rice ball to go with their special soup ..........

Whole Chicken at S$22. The chicken is OK ..........

When you order tau pok, they'll serve it to you in their special soup. Anyway, the tau pok is cooked with the soup. This is the good stuff ...........

Their pork belly meat is also quite good to go with the chicken rice.

Cost : about S$6 per person

Address : Inside Boon Hwa Food centre (actualy a coffee shop). Located at the junction of Jalan Besar and Dickson Road (Opposite Sim Lim Towers)

Country : Singapore

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