Friday, June 12, 2009

Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice Eating House ....... Tasty Braised Duck

I've brought HY here several times for braised duck and porridge. The Friday evening Vivo City's car park jam made us change our plans and detoured to eat at Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice instead. I'm glad that I was armed with my camera for this braised duck visit. The eating house is along South Buona Vista Road but it's nearer to the Pasir Panjang Road. If you are one of the "Need for Speed" fanatic, you'll know that the eating house is just at the foot of the 99 turns 九十九弯. This is the nickname for South Buona Vista Road for its many hair raising turns.

Business is good during lunch times and dinner time during weekends. Although there's ample parking, they have an informal valet parking uncle to help shift cars. There's no insurance covered here. Surrender your car to the uncle at your own risk.

Now Mr. Lim is seldom in the kitchen doing the hands on but he's the mobile cashier going around clearing the bills and trying to polish his accented English. Here's some of the media coverage that Mr. Lim hung proudly on the walls of his eating house showing his days behind the chopping board.

We ordered an S$8 plate of braised duck to share. The braised duck was tender and the gravy was really tasty. I would scoop extra gravy to add into my bowl of porridge that was already drizzled with some.

A close up of the wet and tender braised duck.

The porridge is S$0.50 per bowl.

S$5 plate of tofu. The tofu gravy was very appetizing and definitely a good condiment to rice or porridge.

This is one of the few places that I would have braised duck!

Address : 38 South Buona Vista Road

Tel : 64759908

Opening Hours : 1030am ~ 830pm

Country : Singapore

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