Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seafood Paradise @ The Singapore Flyer ........ Another place for crab dishes

It’s really debatable whether the Singapore Merlion is more famous than the Singapore Chilli Crab. Well, I’ll give the Merlion a benefit of doubt after undergoing head surgery from the lightning assault and after all, the best Chilli Crab have it’s main ingredient shipped from Sri Lanka, and definitely not of Singapore origin.

However, somewhere within visual reach of the Merlion, are restaurants that Singaporeans would bring a foreign friend for Crab Dishes. I’m going to recommend another that is not the one with “No Sign Board” or the established “Jumbo”, but further south, right below the Singapore’s “Wheel of Fortune” and definitely still within the watchful eyes of the Merlion, Seafood Paradise @ The Singapore Flyers.

After eating at the Paradise Group’s restaurants, Seafood Paradise at Defu Lane and Taste Paradise @ Mosque Street and leaving with good impressions, I’ve decided to bring my mum to the Seafood Paradise @ The Singapore Flyer for a birthday dinner.

On the table, was my mum who likes Chilli Crab, my wife and my sister who likes Pepper Crab and me, the schemer, who planned this Seafood Paradise dinner to satisfy my craving for their Creamy Butter Crab. Dad and brother-in-law took them all. And so the story goes with us ordering all three different implementations of crabs to satisfy everyone.

The Chilli Crab (S$53.20) – I don’t find the sauce fiery hot but the tomato and egg based chilli was tasty enough to serve as dips for the several fried buns that ended inside our stomach. Like all Sri Lankan crabs there’s plenty of sweet meat.

The White Pepper Crab (S$60.80) – Their presentation of the White Pepper crab was good but not exceptional. After all it’s not their “Go To” dish.

The Creamy Butter Crab (S$53.20) – I only know a couple of restaurants that are masters of the Butter Cream Crab. Seafood Paradise is one of them. The rich and buttery sauce can be cloying to some but not for me. Surprisingly, Neem leaves or curry leaves goes well with the sauce. It helped to tone down the buttery richness, and making it more appetizing.  I ended up asking for more fried buns to go with the sauce. The other master of Creamy Butter Crab is Melben, with outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh.

Seafood Paradise @ The Singapore Flyer is more spacious and grand than their outlet in Defu Lane. I would prefer to bring a guest to the Singapore Flyer outlet rather than the Defu Lane, which is right on the first floor of an old warehouse building. However, if I would like to try the same crab dishes from Seafood Paradise with family and close friends again, I’ll visit Defu Lane next time.

One thing to note : The price of crab goes by weight. So the prices I indicated above are the prices for each crab dish which fluctuate with the weight of the crab on each dish. 

Cost : about S$55 per person

Address : 30 Raffles Avenue #01-01, The Singapore Flyer (91, Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building

Tel : Flyer - 63365101 (Defu - 64872429)

Opening Hours
 : FOR SINGAPORE FLYER OUTLET : Full day dining from 11.30am - 11pm (last order at 10.45pm) / FOR DEFU OUTLET : Monday - Saturday 
Lunch (last order at 2.15pm)
11.30am - 2.30pm 

Seafood Paradise Website

Country : Singapore

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