Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cooking up a Southern Italian Cuisine @ Palate Sensations with Chef Lino Sauro

It was Ade's suggestion for Jane's birthday treat that led us to Palate Sensations. Instead of a prim and proper sit down dinner, why not do the adult "masak masak", don the apron, and cook our own dinner!

Palate Sensations is a cooking school located among the lush greenery of Portsdown Road. The school provides state-of-the-art equipment and quality utensils that enhances the joy of cooking. We chose the menu that we liked off the school's website and decided to cook our own Sicilian Seafood Cuisine with the help of Chef Lino Sauro from Garibaldi. At the end of it, we get to savor the food that we cooked in a cosy, private dining room that was enough for about 10 people.

When we felt tired during the 2 hours of fussing over lobsters, prawns, vegetables, herbs, there was a slick looking Nespreso coffee machine readily available for that cuppa to accompany our journey towards culinary excellence.

The Mess Over Our Designated Kitchen Top
There's much more than wooden spatulas in Palate Sensations.

Sicilian Seafood Cuisine Menu
Chef Lino explained ....... The bottarga is tuna roe from
the Mediteranean region near to Southern Italy. Couscous is a granulated
source of carbo made from semolina. It is commonly eaten by people
in South Italian and North African regions

Some of the ingredients .....
The ingredients that was going to be
transformed into culinary artforms

The rest of the class .....
Chef Lino busy making sure that our creations were
edible and still resemble the forms that his recipes were suppose to take.

Stir frying the lobster shells and vegetables to
create the broth for the lobster bisque

Simmering the broth for the lobster bisque

Lobster in its broth with citrus
The end result of taking a lobster apart, cracking
up its shells, and a lot of simmering

Chef Lino plating our capellini for tasting

Capellini with Sea Urchin and Bottarga
Ade was flabbergasted when she knew that this marvelous
dish was so easy to make and yet she paid a bomb for it before

Stir frying the seafood couscous

Vegetables and Seafood Couscous
Ade helped plate our couscous
into nice cylindrical shape

Although it took us 2 hours to cook our dinner, it was a fun filled culinary experience. I cannot share the recipes but my take away from the cooking class for good Italian food is;

Make a good stock and add lots of extra virgin olive oil

We left the school glad that all of us can actually cook some mean Sicilian seafood cuisine (with a lot of help from Chef Lino of course). Happy Birthday Jane!

Cost : S$130 per person (depending on the courses)

Address : 1 Westbourne Road, #03-05 (entrance via Whitchurch Road, off Portsdown Road)

Tel : +65 6479 9025

E-mail :

Palate Sensations Website

Palate Sensations Blogsite

Country : Singapore

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Palate Sensations said...

Thank you for blogging about us. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Lovely photos! See you again soon we hope.

Lynette Foo,
Palate Sensations Cooking School


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