Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cova Caffe and Restaurant Set Dinner

I have known Cafe Cova to be popular for its posh looking cakes, pastries and Italian coffee. If not for the 1-for-1 birthday set meal deal from a credit card, HY and I wouldn't have popped by for dinner. The set dinner was usually S$69++ per person, so its S$69++ for both of us. Good deal right? I find that the food was not bad for the price we paid. The following are the dishes that we liked off the set menu, although we've ordered all the dishes between both of us.

"Before Meal" Bread
The "before meal" breads and pastry sticks were always a delight. How sincere these were made, presented and served usually gives a hint of the quality of food that is to follow.

Tuna and Salmon marinated with balsamic vinegar, on bed of wild rocket and fresh orange dressing
We liked the mix of the fresh sweet orange that offers a contrasting taste to the savory tuna and salmon.

Home made "stracci" pasta with venison ragout,
black berry sauce and shaved parmesan
Both of us thought that the fettucine was good. The sauce was not too heavy and
the olive oil was just enough to coat the fettucine to give it a light gloss. There isn't
venison so they replaced it with chicken which we don't really mind.

Lamb loins with warm Italian beans salad,
roasted potato and tomato veal sauce
The lamb loin was tender but I find tha sauce mediocre. It's not good enough to
accentuate the muskiness of the lamb. However, I still I thought that
it was better than the pan seared cod fish that HY ordered.

Instead of the cakes, I've chosen 4 mini pastries and cakes. Lemon tart,
Chocolate mousse tart, a pistachio choclate mousse tart and a sacher.

A Choice of Coffee or Tea
Italy isn't famous for tea right? So how can
I not choose their coffee.

Overall, food was good for the discounted price that we paid. I don't think I would pay the full price to have dinner here, but I definitely wouldn't mind having the cakes, pastries and coffee over here. (Link to food diary write up on tea time experience) Apart from that, we find the service at Cova real good. The waiter that served us was very attentive to our needs. He even led me over to the pastries counter to identify the cakes and pastries.

Address : 290 Orchard Road, #01-20A Paragon Shopping Centre

Tel : +65 6733 0777

Cova Singapore Website

Country : Singapore

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