Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Laem Hin Seafood ........ @ Laem Hin Pier, Phuket

Before heading to Phuket, I was tasked to spearhead our trip's research on Phuket's food. Jamie's Phuket Blog came into the picture as I did the search on the internet. Jamie's recommendations for Laem Hin Seafood was indeed as described in his blog write up. The seafood was fresh and very affordable. When we arrived at the restaurant at about 930pm, there was hardly any people. We only realized later that at that part of Phuket, night life wasn't too vibrant and people usually have early dinner. Like Jamie said in his blog, the seafood restaurant was patronized by many locals. Last order was around 10pm. When we finished our food, we don't see any waitresses around anymore. They have left home in the restaurant provided transport. Going back to our resort was a breeze as our resort was on (The Village) Coconut Island which happened to be right across the Laem Hin pier where we had our 24 hours speedboat ferry service.

As it was the first proper meal since arriving at Phuket, we did not eat anything exotic just some local crabs, white snapper, crab cakes and prawns. Even though the meal was simple, every one thought it was good. So good such that I was having such a good time taking the crabs apart that I've forgotten to capture the crabs on a photo.

So apart from the following dishes the black pepper crab was great! The sauce for the crab taste like kung pao sauce but with lots of black pepper.

Deep Fried Crab Cakes
The crab cakes were a delight especially when accompanied
with the sweet and sour sauce at the side. The crab meat was sweet
even when eaten without the sauce. Thumbs up from everyone.

Sweet and Sour Prawns
All we noted that the prawns were fresh. Overall, the
dish taste alright. Nothing too special.

White Snapper with lime and tamarind sauce
This dish was the highlight. The white snapper laid inside a fish
shaped metal dish over charcoal fire. Half the fish was submerged
in the lime and tamarind sauce, or rather, soup. The light sauce,
apart from being rather spicy, was good enough to be drunk as soup.
An extra bowl of the sauce was provided for us just in case the fish got dried
up from the charcoal heat. In our instance, the extra bowl of sauce was needed
as we treat the sauce like soup. Great appetizing dish.

Does it look like everyone's getting enthusiatic over this dish?

Laem Hin seafood restaurant supported by stilts the sea

Cost : About 12oo Thai Baht for 4 people

Address : Laem Hin Pier, Phuket, Thailand
Country : Phuket, Thailand


KennyT said...

Oh now you're making me jealous! I so wanna go to Phuket!!!

Sylvie said...

My friends and I managed to find Laem Hin Seafood after one hour of driving (including wrong turns, swear words, etc), but the journey was definitely worth it. Cheers to the powerful tomyam gung @Laem Hin, the best I've tasted so far, and other yummy dishes they have.

Slurp said...

Glad you like it Sylvie ..... the food was good and definitely economical. Wrong turns, swear words and all. Its worth it ;-)

tim in bangkok said...

Still a place worth visiting :-)


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