Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tampopo Japanese Family Restaurant .......... gratifying tonkatsu

Saturday's Dinner to Tampopo was suggested to right the wrong of Friday's dinner. It was the Takashimaya annual sale that brought us to Ngee Ann Shopping Mall last Friday. Of course the priority was to shop at Takashimaya before adjourning to dinner. We had tonkatsu and we got Tonkatsu that were fried yellowish brown rather than the typical golden brown. The taste was not right.

This Saturday's dinner at Tampopo did relief the pent up dissatisfaction from the food experience the night before. Tampopo has been around for a while and has definitely kept their food standards. The tonkatsu here was gratifying, so much beter than that we had on Friday night.

The Saturday night queue outside Tampopo

Singaporeans likes to queue, especially for good food.
Things you can do while queuing for that good food;
making sure fingernails are clean, reading the newspaper,
sleeping and feeding milk to your baby. That all happened
on the waiting bench while I was waiting to get into the restaurant.

Black Pork Tonkatsu

Isn't this worth the wait? Crispy bread crumb coat with
the succulent pork inside. The black pork meat was interlaced
with fats that made this tonkatsu tender and with that
extra fragrant punch from the pig's fat.

The Black Pork Shio Katsu Don Set (S$20.50)
The piece of black pork tonkatsu (section view as shown above) came
with this set. Don (rice) was embedded under the vegetables and
then drizzled with yuzu citrus juice. The yuzu juice made the rice
and vegetable very fragrant and appetizing.

Black Pig Tokusen BBQ Pork Ramen (S$15.30)
The black pork tonkosu ramen with pork bone soup was good.
The soup wasn't too salty and the hokkaido ramen was tangy.

Close up of the Ramen

The Slice of Black Pig
The interlaced fats in the slice of black pork was
an essential for tenderness and fragrance of the meat.

Sukiyaki Set (S$17.30)
This dish could have been better. We just overcooked the beef
and left it too tough to taste nice. We should have known better.
Otherwise, the soup was sweet with the good quantity of vegetables
(cabbage, tofu, mushrooms), egg and sliced beef.

Inside the Tampopo Family Restaurant
As Tampopo wanted to cater for families, there
were several large table for that bigger gathering.
The ambience was cosy and very casual.

Address : 177 River Valley Road #01-23/24 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Tel : 6338 3186
Country : Singapore
Tampopo Restaurant Website

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