Saturday, November 14, 2009

(Closed) Cafe Hacienda ..... all day long breakfast from 9am till midnight

We were searching fervantly for another breakfast place to provide more options other than the few that we have been patronizing. We have been passing by Cafe Hacienda so many times, reminding ourselves that we have to come visit and then totally forgot about the reminder a few minutes later. J had recommended Cafe Hacienda some time ago but we were too mesmerized by Jone's latte at that time to take Cafe Hacienda seriously. Finally, we decided to have an early morning run this Saturday which presented the window of opportunity for this long awaited visit to Cafe Hacienda (Hacienda means estate in Spanish).

Our Lattes and Machiato .....
Our caffeine shots to start the day, 3 lattes and 1 machiato. Coffee art seemed to be common in cafes nowadays. The lattes were creamy rich and I'm starting to take a liking to machiato. A wholesome caffeine adrenalin but still with that little milky touch.

NY Burger (S$25)
200g Wagyu patty, melted gorgonzola, caramelised onions, aioli, sautéed mushrooms
W ordered this burger with the hearty Wagyu patty. The gorgonzola brought out the taste of the Wagyu. The fries that came with the burgers were definitely above average.

Spicy Mexican Burger (S$25)
200g Wagyu Patty, melted monterey jack, jalepeno, sour cream, guacamole, salsa
This was my choice of brunch. The jalepeno, salsa and guacamole were strong enough to claim the dish as Mexican. At the same time, they took away some of the beefy aroma that was more distinct in the NY burger. It was still no doubt "Wagyu Inside". I liked the flavors conjured up by jalepenos and salsa so I really enjoyed this burger.

Chicken Pie (S$15)
Puff Pastry, mushroom, white wine, pearl onions, carrots, celery, béechamel (20mins)Only the top of the puff pastry made this dish more like a pie but hidden underneath this pastry cap, was chicken and mushroom stew or soup in a ramekin. Although this dish was named Chicken Pie, it was more like a bigger version of puff pastry soup.

Blue Swimmer Crab & Prawn Sandwich (S$16)
roma tomatos, onions, mayonnaise, ciabatta
This refreshingly sweet crab and prawn sandwich was HY's choice. It was not too heavy and tasted quite appropriate for an after run meal.

Yuzu Citron Light Cheese Cake (S$6.80)
Yuzu was the keyword that jumped out at HY and J was going in for the cheese cake. Although W and I were full, we took many stabs at this cheese cake. The cheese cake was light as the name suggested and this went well with the taste of yuzu. Yuzu wouldn't go as well with a heavy cheese cake (Just my personal thought).

My extra latte in the Bodum Assam glass
I liked the ingenuity of the Bodum Assam glass. The double wall glass insulates the beverage that it contains and makes it easier for us to hold the glass without being concerned about how the temperature of the beverages will do to the palms. The glass looked bigger than the amount of the beverage it actually contain. A plus point to cafes?

We arrived at the cafe at around 11am and realised that many of the tables were reserved and have to wait a while for a table to be vacant. Although we all liked the food in Cafe Hacienda, we found that the service was iffy. There were only 2 servers for the whole cafe. It took too long for our orders to be taken, for drinks to be refilled. Service became more acceptable when 2 more servers (wearing Prive Cafe's T-shirt) were mobilised to improve the situation.

Address : 13A Dempsey Road
Tel : +65 6476 2922
Opening Hours : Daily 9am to Midnight


red fir said...

Oh man, the yuzu cheesecake is totally calling out to me...

I like these Bodum Assam glasses. Buko Nero uses them too. I think they're awesome.

Btw, your font is very big hahaha.

Unknown said...

You were looking at my food diary ...... The style follows my fickle moods. I'm into big fonts for now...... :)

Reiz said...

The cheese cake looks really good =) yums!

ladyironchef said...

the food looks good, hacienda is totally my kind of place, but i haven been there yet

Unknown said...

btw the menu is very similar to Prive cafe.


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