Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tea time in the Barracks Cafe @ House

Don't you just love Barracks Cafe @ House for their bold interior decor? If you fancy sitting at a table under a table and the restrooms differentiate gender by pussy and cock, this is the place for you. It's the umpteenth time that I came to House and yet each visit presents a different gastronomic experience.

This late lazy Saturday afternoon, Ade, HY and I settled for tea and ordered .............

Squid Ink (Squid Ink Crust) Pizza
Calamari, prawns, fresh tomato salsa, onions, squid ink, parsley on a special squid ink crust.
The super thin and crispy crust is more like crackers than pizza crust. I love crackers and chips, so I love this thin crust pizza too. The squid ink made this pizza crust unique black but tasty.

Say ahhhhh ........ I'll feed you a mouthful of this

Guiltless Chocolate Almond Cake
Chocolate cake topped with candied almond. Although, the cake's flourless,
I'm sure it's "Guiltless" as long as you close two eyes and eat them.

Strawberry Shortcake
Shortcake topped with fresh strawberries and a glass
of vanilla cream. Add as much as you like!

Carrot Cake
I like moist carrot cake and the Barracks got them real moist. This cake was good enough
for me although I would prefer the carrot cake at Cedele for being "wetter" and richer in taste.

My Cup of Machiato
The kick of the machiato started when I tilt the cup to take a whiff
before sipping the coffee. Caffeine Power!

With great food coupled with pedicure, manicure and massage in the same complex, why wouldn't you allow House to indulge you in any way?

Address : 8D Dempsey Road, Dempsey Hill
Tel : +65 6476 6050
Country : Singapore
House @ Dempsey Website


red fir said...

Your cup of macchiato looks empty hahaha. (: I like the baby biscuit (that's what I call this retro snack) that comes with your coffee.

Unknown said...

I think they use a big cup and realized that they are suppose to serve me machiato. BTW, its half full not half empty :) Those little snack sure are nostalgic.

myfoodsirens said...

Squid ink pizza! I had a really good one at La Nonna recently. Wonder how will it compare to that.. Only one way to find out haha.

Unknown said...

To myfoodsirens : Squid ink made dishes seldom looked as appetizing as they taste. This is one creation that taste good and looked good as well.


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