Monday, December 14, 2009

Dim Sum @ 香港粥面家 Canton-i

How can we ignore a Hong Konger's recommendation for good dim sum in Singapore? HY's Hong Konger friend recommended Canton-i for dim sum. This can't be wrong. People from Hong Kong are definitely picky about their dim sum.

The Alluring Roasts
As we were ushered to our table, we couldn't help but stare at the well glazed BBQ pork, the crispy pork belly and the uniformly roasted ducks. With these alluring roasts welcoming us into Canton-i, how could we not order some to whet our taste buds?

3 Combinations of Roast Meat
We did not order one of the roast but all three; the roast duck, the roasted pork belly and the BBQ pork. I'm not a really "ducky" person so I prefer the pork belly and the BBQ pork. A 'Must Try'.

Roast Pork Belly
The roast pork belly had a half and half proportion, 50% meat and 50% fats. The skin was really crispy. I hope that I'll be able to cook my roast pork belly with the skin as pretty and crispy as this. We all liked the crispy skin, but my brother-in-law quickly added that he preferred the taste of the roast pork belly that I cooked. How nice, but I'm not buying lunch.

BBQ Pork
The BBQ pork has a 1/3 fats and 2/3 lean meat proportion which I liked. The tender BBQ pork and the well roasted glazed exterior made this dish well received.

Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumplings
The Shanghainese Steamed Dumplings were good but I still prefer the ones from Crystal Jade at Takashimaya. I preferred the richer taste of the soup at the Crystal Jade as compared to this one.

Deep Fried Whitebait with Salt & Pepper
This dish is a chef's recommendation. I liked the crispiness that was achieved by the kitchen. The salt and pepper were done just like I liked it. We had a little discussion. My MIL thought that the dish was not "fishy" enough. HY and my BIL thought that there wasn't enough punch from the salt and pepper. I don't care ..... I liked it. Another case of one man's meat ... another man's poison. Like I always believe, everyone's taste are different. So ...... peace!

Canton-i served smooth Cantonese congee that tasted superb! There were several choices and we chose one that included a mix of pork liver, lean pork meat and sliced fish. This went well with the crispy fried fritters that had everyone's stamp of approval.

Fried Fritters (Deep Fried Chinese Crullers)
The fried fritters came done to perfection. We all like the utmost crispiness that was served to us. This was the extra order to go with the congee.

Sweetened Ground Peanut Puree
with Glutinous Rice Ball

Boy! I loved the taste of this peanut puree. Apart from the peanut, the paste has a slight hint of saltiness that made it unique even though it looked the same as the peanut puree we get outside. It reminded me of the peanut Puree that I had in Mandarin Oriental, KL (Kuala Lumpur). Slurp!

There's the black sesame paste inside the glutinous rice ball.

Pan Fried Water Chestnut Cake
Everyone had a peck into my FIL's Pan Fried Water Chestnut Cake. The cake was tangy and the generous bits of water chestnuts were crunchy. Definitely one of our nicer desserts.

Bird Cages with no Birds
Dim Sum restaurants used to welcome folks with their pet birds in their bird cages. Here in Canton-i, there were many bird cages but there weren't any birds. These are cleverly designed lamps that aptly bring back memories of a lost trend (bringing pet birds for dim sum) for "Yum Cha" (drinking tea) in the dim sum restaurants of old.

Service at Canton-i was acceptable, contrary to "scary" service feedbacks that I heard. Sometimes, you do have to wave hard to get any attention from the passing service staff though. I'll be back for dim sum!

2 Orchard Turn
#03-14 ION Orchard
Canton-i Website


red fir said...

Nice. I haven't had a good dimsum meal for the longest time. Seems like you are a peanut fiend... just like me!

Unknown said...

You bet! I even make my own peanut butter. :)


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