Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's the teas and not the High Tea at Rose Veranda @ The Shang

To me, Rose Veranda @ The Shangri-la was more about their teas than their high tea buffet. After the Standard Chartered Marathon week, we were like a starved tiger let out of the cage. HY planned for a Saturday high tea buffet as the weekend drew near to feed some "starved tigers". We dropped Four Season's and decided to be more adventurous with the high tea buffet in Rose Veranda @ The Shang.

At the Rose Veranda, the highlight was the list of 102 teas; black, red, green, white, herbal, infusion .... you name it. Among the list were premium teas that was blended exclusively by Hediard for Rose Veranda. These blends require an extra top up of S$8 on top of the High Tea buffet cost (S$40++).

Exquisite Tea Pots
I liked the exquisite tea pots that they used to serve us. Elegant and poise with the regal looking gold trims and flower motifs. The golden knob at the cap of the tea pot was so shiny that you can see your reflection in it.

All 102 types of the Black, Green, White, Herbal, Infusion teas
Apart from the Strawberry Garden (strong strawberry infusion, distinctly red), we had the Sencha Vanilla (refreshing vanilla tea), Assam Mokalbarie (flowery and spicy) and Mogentau (unique mix of sencha, sunflower, cornflower and rose petals). Some flowery, some fruity and others, spicy and wel loved them all.

I found out that the packed sugar provided was from France, Reunion Island. Impressed .........

The High Tea Buffet
Oops! I was more impressed with the teas rather than the high tea buffet. The international high tea buffet spread was mundane, nothing distinct except for the following dishes that I thought was pretty good.

Service was acceptable, but not impressionable. I was quite surprise that for a place which boasts a tea list of 102, they did not pay attention to provide individual tea strainer for each pot of tea. We were expected to share the tea strainer. For optimal enjoyment of each blend, the flavors shouldn't mix and hence the need for exclusive tea strainer for each type of tea served.

Ambience of the place was relaxed and seemed more like a gathering place for the middle upper class (I had to put on my disguise and sneek in). Everyone were quite well dressed and non were in flip flops.

Last but not least, other than the high slit cheong sams that the waitresses don, I liked the sexy curves of the chandeliers, right up the high ceiling.

Rose Veranda is definitely a good place for tea lovers but do insist on getting the tea strainer for each type of tea.

22 Orange Grove Road
Mezzanine Level
The Shanga-rila Hotel

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Anonymous said...

Ah too bad you only made it to this place recently. It used to be so much better. Much better food, tea wares and also individual strainers (in fact they always serve my table with individual strainers). It's no longer the best. My Shang dining card has only been used twice since they renovated (I'm still keeping fingers crossed that they'll revert to those great tea days for us ladies).


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