Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Friday ..... Good Food ....... @ Gunther's

When one talk about good French cuisine in Singapore, Gunther's would stand out among the top few on the list. Apart from the promise of great French cuisine, the restaurant got an immaculate service standard, at least during my visit. Gunther's is nested amongst the restored shophouses along Purvis street, a street with no lack of good food. Parking can be difficult in the area but Gunther's do provide valet service for your car.

Freshest of the day......
All of us enjoyed the presentation of the 'Freshest of the Day' by the head waiter. The fresh specials were brought to us on a tray and described to us in French accented English. Fresh scallops. King crab from Japan, still alive and snarling at us with its little fillers. Deep sea blue lobster from France which the head waiter claimed 'cannot speak English'.

Mini French Baguette
What can be more representative of French food than the baguette? I thought Gunther's made excellent mini baguette. Out of respect for their baguette, I had three and was too polite to ask for more.

Scallop Carppaccio (Not available in menu)
This scallop dish was fresh from the tray of seafood that was presented to us by the head waiter. We ask for it to be made into a carppacio style, like sashimi. The light appetizing sauce did not even mask the fresh sweetness of the scallop a bit.

Roasted Suckling Pig (Not available in menu)
HY and I jumped at the suggestion of roasted suckling pig as soon as the head waiter mentioned that it was available.

The roast was sliced up to be shared among 6 of us served with caramelised dates. The skin had that irresistable uniformly crisp and the tender meat flavoured from the roasting. Roast suckling pig, cooked by us Chinese, Spanish or French tasted similar, except for the marinating spices. This dish up cost of the bill quite a fair bit. It taste great nevertheless.

Egg Sunny Side Up with Portobello
This wasn't much of an interesting dish save for the well sauteed portobello.

Consommé, ravioli of foie gras (Starters)
Don't this look like the wanton soup in your neighborhood food centre? It certainly look like wanton soup to me.

This ravioli was a 'foie-gras-inside' wanton. I can joke about it but the taste was marvelous as soon as I chomped past the ravioli skin. W ordered this and offered me one which I pounced on unbashfully.

Gunther's creation - Mini steak, Potato Chip,
Grill Corn Fine vegetable tart (Mains)
HY ordered this out of the 3 choices of mains. The mini steak was lightly salted and peppered and tasted marvelous even when there wasn't too much extra fuss with sauce.

Warm angel hair pasta, tiger prawns (Mains)
This was the pasta that was 1 of the 3 choices for mains which I ordered. The angel's hair was cooked just right, not overcooked to mushiness. The prawns and the sauce made sure that it's the taste from the sea. Even though this was tasty,it isn't Gunther's signature angel hair dish. The Cold angel hair pasta with Oscietra caviar is the one to try. Will be back for this one.

Sabayon of Champagne, chocolate, blood orange, vanilla (Dessert)
This mousse was definitely generous with the champagne. I must agree that champagne went well with the sweet vanilla and chocolate. The citrus added that sourish 'oomph'. - Not the standard dessert with the set lunch menu. A little top up was required.

Fine apple tart a la dragées, Havana rum raisin ice-cream (Dessert)
Everyone was agreeable with the taste of this thin apple tart. How we wish that the portion was bigger than those two thin slices. - Not the standard dessert with the set lunch menu. A little top up was required.
Last but not least we have the ......

....... Coffee served in an exquisite cup

....... Petit Fours : Canele, Financier & Chocolate

Really liked the Canele that was soft on the inside and crusty on the outside. The head waiter said that it was best to tear it in half and then eat from inside out.

HY always thought that I'm not much of a multi tasker. After looking at the food photos that I had taken in Gunther's, I thought that there was some truth in it. The photos that I had taken did not justify the standard of French cuisine. I was too busy trying to enjoy the food that I weren't too focus on taking better pictures.

Thanks Ade for organizing this 'pig-out' session.

36 Purvis Street #01-03
Tel : 6338 8955


red fir said...

Gunther's my fav French chef. Good stuff there.

Unknown said...

Yes Good Stuff. One of my friends who had some reservations on French food, after her Saint Piere's experience actually enjoyed Gunther's.

Elaine Ng. said...

Scallop Carppaccio looking good! yes you must give the cold angelhair pasta a try.. excellent for me (:


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