Thursday, April 29, 2010

Original Sin ….. Mediterranean Vegetarian @ Holland Village

Ling Zhi is the chi-chi Chinese restaurant in Singapore. I’m glad for our vegetarians that there’s Original Sin to bring the Mediterranean taste into the vegan world. Our team lunch led us into the laid back fringe of Holland Village, at Chip Bee Gardens. There were some tables right outside the pavement of the shophouse restaurant. Inside, with the comforts of air conditioning, the walls the tables and cushion were designed with a hint of Middle Eastern flavours.

We ordered many food items off the lunch menu but I had only tried a few and can only describe the following that I thought was good.

Mezze plate
A selection of Middle Eastern dips served with falafel patties and pita bread

Dips for the Mezze plate :
Koresh - Pumpkin and carrot infused with caraway and fennel seed
Baba ganoush - Pureed eggplant blended with garlic, lemon juice and tahini
Tzatziki - Yogurt, cucumber and mint
Hummus - A puree of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon juice

I liked the Mezze plate for the different dips that intrigue the taste buds. The use of different herbs and spices and eating them conjured a mystical feeling akin to the Middle Eastern culture.

Bosco Misto
Spinach, feta and tofu patties served with sautéed button mushrooms in a plum sauce and topped with asparagus

Italian Arborio rice simmered with white wine and an enticing combination of sauteed vegetables

Blk 43 #01-62 Jalan Merah Saga
Holland Village
Chip Bee Gardens
Tel : 6475 5605


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