Friday, August 13, 2010

I need Paris Mai from Cafe Mai ...... Hanoi, Vietnam

I was trying to keep Cafe Mai a secret but I'm running out of my stash of Paris Mai Coffee from Cafe Mai in Hanoi, Vietnam. So, I am appealing to any Singaporean who read this to help me buy back some of this coffee when you are travelling to Hanoi, Vietnam. Just kidding ..... but I'm not joking when I imply that Paris Mai is good coffee.

Paris Mai is "weasel's poop" coffee. Why drink "weasel's poop"? Because these weasels only pick the best coffee berries. So the coffee beans are .......... anyway cleaned, processed and turn out to be the most aromatic, intense coffee. That's why some says it's worth it's weight in gold.

The coffee was brewed with a set of stainless steel drip filter that would take a good 10 minutes before the drink will be ready. Good stuff is worth a wait. A set of this stainless steel drip filter cost a about S$2 each.

Sweetened milk is usually added into this Vietnamese coffee. This coffee is as concentrated as the Italian espresso and did gave that extra caffeinated kick. At Cafe Mai, the shop front that retails the coffee beans is shown in the first photo. Right across the road is their portion of the cafe where you can sit down, enjoy coffee and watch the world go by.

The Paris Mai coffee cost about USD50/kg.

One tip to retain the aroma of the coffee : When the bag of coffee powder is opened, use what's needed, keep the coffee powder inside an air tight container or clip the bag up to keep it air tight, and then store it in the fridge. At least that's how I kept my stash of Paris Mai for 1 year and the aroma is still kept inside the coffee bag.


lance said...

Visited in 11May2011. ParisMai blend is now VND1,000,000/kg. (lance-travellot)

Unknown said...

Wow inflation have definitely set in since I visited.

chloe said...

it's now VND1,200,000/kg ( as of April 2012)

Unknown said...

Chloe : Wow it's still on the rise. however it's increasing at a slower rate than from 2010 to 2011. :)


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