Monday, August 23, 2010

粱照记 Liang Zhao Ji Duck Porridge and Duck Rice

Back to Whampoa food centre again. This time its the braised duck that we were interested. Liang Zhao Ji, beside the popular Hoover rojak stall, never fail to attract a consistent queue during lunch time. The succulent looking ducks glistening in the spot light makes the ducks so much more alluring.

This must be the braised duck stall to patronised if you are in Whampoa. If I have a choice, I would prefer Lim Seng Lee's at South Buona Vista Road. The meat is more tender.

Our plate of braised duck

Duck Spleen, liver, tofu and braised egg.

There's a choice of yam or white rice. What you see here was my bowl of yam rice.

Blk 90 Whampoa Drive #01-07
Whampoa Drive Food Centre


red fir said...

I am a true Teochew & I stick by my Teochew roots. The sauce for tradtional Teochew braised duck is not gooey, it's a well-braised watery sauce. Both Whampoa's and Lim Seng Lee's do not fit into this category.

For really awesome braised duck rice, try Lek Kee at People's Park FC & Tai Dong at Lorong Telok, Circular road. The former is my family's favorite. Their braised duck & innards will change your life forever. (:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tip! :)

Anonymous said...

you forgot about HY's fave @ Redhill market

Unknown said...

How can I forget Seng Heng!

Unknown said...

Just tried Lek Kee at People's Park FC. The braised duck was actually quite hard compared to Seng Heng and Lim Seng Lee.

red fir said...

I don't really know what you mean by "hard", but Lek Kee's braised duck is braised the authentic Teochew way. Tender but still with a bit of chew. Back at home, we braise duck till the meat is so steeped in flavor it can be eaten on its own even without the braising lor sauce. That's how good real Teochew braised duck is. (:

The difference between Liang Zhao Ji's, Lim Seng Hee's braised duck rice and Lek Kee's lies in the lor sauce. I think you would have to try more Teochew braised duck to actually discern the difference.(: Now your mission is to try Tai Dong. More excuses to eat, sounds good!

Unknown said...

I do agree that Lek Kee's sauce taste quite good but the duck wasn't as tender (and was quite hard for certain cuts that they gave me) as Seng Heng or Lim Seng Lee. It's just my personal taste and opinion regardless if they are authentic Teochew or not.

red fir said...

I respect your tastebuds. (: Can't wait to read your review on Lek Kee & hopefully Tai Dong too.


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