Sunday, October 31, 2010

JB Ah Meng ...... Ah Meng let loose in JB?

Nope! Ah Meng's not let lose into JB and this JB Ah Meng is right in Singapore. JB Ah Meng is a street side chi char along Geylang Lorong 23. Well it's definitely not one of the place that you dress up to eat. Everyone here feels at home in T-shirt, shorts and slippers. The food here's quite good and definitely low budget. However, if do feel uncomfortable stepping into one of the Lorongs in Geylang, knowing how peculiar this district is, don't go. If you eat late into the night, there might see girls trying to chat up single men at some tables. That's how rowdy it can get. However, it was quite alright as we catch dinner before the sun sets.

'Alfresco' dinning along the little lane that led all the way from Geylang Lorong 23 to Aljunied Road.

In our previous visit, we had the prawns with salted egg sauce and fried pork belly. These were quite good and made us come back again for dinner but we weren't craving for heavy rich food. On our next table, there was these couple of Chinese males trying to devour a big plate of white pepper crab. Those crabs smelled good! We'll try the heavy stuff again another day. We were going light today so we had only the following dishes.

Our tofu with enoki mushroom, baby kailan drizzled with oyster sauce. It was well balanced and quite appetizing.

Stir fried beef with onion, peppers and black pepper. The beef was tender and was cooked with that wok fragrance that we cannot achieve at home unless we have fire as strong as those commercialized stove in their kitchen.

This was a thumbs up for me. Assorted mushrooms with fried bean curd skin stir fried with a good savory sauce.

This fish soup was a stinger for me. The fish was way too fishy and the soup was more like MSG soup masked off by adding evaporated milk. Don't think I'll order this ever again if I come back.

2 Geylang Lorong 23
Tel : +65 67412418
Open : 5pm ~ 3am daily

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