Monday, October 11, 2010

Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring @ Uniquely Food Istimewa

Taking a break from my Italian Escapade ...... and back to the sunny island of Singapore.

Putu Piring is actually the Malay version of the Kueh Tutu. The filling of the Kueh Tutu has grated coconut cooked with Gula Melaka. However, for Putu Piring, the filling is gula melaka and fresh grated coconut is added as a complimentary. The Putu Piring is generally larger than the Kueh Tutu.

After looking at saliva inducing photos from a friend who visited Uniquely Food Istimewa recently, HY and I decided that we should pay a visit since we are staying quite close by. The putu piring here is definitely one of the best if not already the best. It is so soft that it can crumble if you're not gentle enough. The gula melaka is fragrant, as it's the gula melaka from Melaka. The putu piring had a nice contrasting taste when eaten with the lightly salted grated coconut provided. I bought 15 pieces and everyone who ate it exclaimed that it's good. 

When I was there this Sunday afternoon, there was already a queue.

The preparation of the made-to-order putu piring started with the wrapping of the gula melaka paste into the rice flour, all these laid onto pieces of white cloth and then placed onto a compartment of the special stainless steel steamer. A stainless steel conical cover is placed over the uncooked putu piring. There's an opening on the conical cover to release excess steam.

Usually the gula melaka that we get comes in solid cylindrical form. I wonder how it was prepared into a soft paste like form that made it easy to be filled into the rice flour.

The conical covers allows the steam to cook the putu piring and yet allow excess steam to escape. At sporadic period, pandan leaves will be slotted into the main boiler through the holes where the steam come out to cook the putu piring. No wonder there's that lingering sweet fragrance of pandan while I was there waiting in the queue.

For S$1 there's 3 putu piring in a packet covered with fresh grated coconut.

Blk 12, Haig Road
Tel : 9688 3067 (No sms please)
Business Hours : 11am - 10pm Open Everyday


red fir said...

I love putu piring but they are really hard to come by these days. Pity this stall is too out of the way for me. There used to be this stall in Clementi Central at where Ke Ai Ji coffeeshop is but has since closed. Heard the owners moved to this Haig Road stall but I'm not too sure.

Unknown said...

Not sure if it was from Clementi. But it really was good. Worth trying if you happen to pop by this part of Singapore.


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