Saturday, April 2, 2011

Restaurant Week Dinner @ Brasserie Wolf

This 'Restaurant Week' dinner gathering was decided over the iPhone 'Whatsapp' conference chat messages. The "Eat, Eat, EAT!" group (our group chat name on Whatsapp initiated by Ade) had a consensus on Brasserie Wolf, a casual French Bistro by the Esmirada Group of Restaurant. The 'Restaurant Week' was organised by where many participating restaurants will provide a promotional menu at S25++ or S$35++ during the week.

Brasserie Wolf resides inside The Pier, a residential development facing the Singapore River. Apart from the cosy interior with cushioned backed chairs, the Bistro has a bar counter near the entrance, like restaurants in Europe, strategically placed to serve customers who sit inside or out there enjoying the river view. Chef Claudio Sandri heads the kitchen in Brasserie Wolf and dishes out popular favorites like his Slow Cooked Lamb Navarin, Beef Bourguignon, Traditional Bouillabaisse Soup and Home Made Foie Gras Terrine. We were all hoping for a good deal out of the Restaurant Week's Dining Special Promotional Menu at S$35++ per person and that some of the popular dishes would be available. In the end, dinner was generally quite enjoyable, I was just disappointed that non of Chef Sandri's specialty appears in the 'Restaurant Week' menu which made it difficult to tell the 'real' Brasserie Wolf's standard.

Restaurant Week Dinner Special Menu @ S$35++ per person. It's a pity that non of Chef Sandri's popular dishes were out there. 

Warm Artichoke Soup with poached hen egg. The soup was rich and creamy. I didn't know such delicious soup can be made out of artichoke.

Marinated Herring with warm potato salad, rosemary and honey dressing. The mix of salad and potato balanced the saltiness of the herring. I should have ordered the artichoke soup like HY as having big chunks of salted fish isn't my cup of tea.

Crispy Pork Belly, Mashed Potatoes, Parma Ham and Beetroot. Somehow this mains was the unanimous choice for everyone on the table. I like it that the pork belly below the hardened skin was juicy, tender and delicious. The only noticeable flaw was the crispy skin. It was better described as hard than crispy and it took some effort to cut through the skin. We wanted to enjoy the belly meat together with the crispy skin in one go. In the end, most of us were forced to slice the whole pieces of skin off and then enjoy the belly meat and skin separately. Maybe this dish should be pre-sliced for us so that we wouldn't have all the hassle just trying to savor this dish. I welcome the touches of parma ham that provide a contrasting tingle of savoriness to this pork dish. Comparing to Gunthers' and OTTO's roast pork, this crispy pork belly pales in comparison. But I guess, I shouldn't complain, I'm only paying S$35++ for the whole dinner course. 

Posset Apple Tart Tartini with Vanilla Ice Cream. I thought it looked good when it was served. This caramelised apple on puff pastry taste good too. This have to be finished fast before the melting vanilla ice cream make the whole thing soggy. 

This Lemon Meringue Tart was one of the extra dessert that came from HY's baking class at Palette Sensations. We arrived at dinner right after her class and this tart came freshly baked. I think HY rediscovered her love for baking at Palette Sensations. Of course my wolfing down most of her homework helps increase that confidence in her baking :). 

Although we came only for the Restaurant Week Special Menu, service at Brasserie Wolf was still good. Even with the pouring in of restaurant guests as the night went, our glasses were dutifully filled every time. Although I'm no advocate of hyper active kids running around while I'm enjoying my meal, I have to add that Brasserie Wolf does provide the kid's menu. Just looking at that juicy burger that Tricia's taking a bite out of , I think some thought was put into creating that menu. Don't underestimate the kid's menu. The kids will bring the parents back if it appeals to them.

Coming out of Brasserie Wolf, I wonder if the Restaurant Week's Special Menu actually did it justice. Everyone of us thought the food here was 'Not-Too-Bad', 'Quite Good' base on the S$35++ per person we paid. This feedback does sounds like, "If-we-had-eaten-the-a-la-carte-full-price-items,-the-food-could-have-been-better" which hints of a compromise. I know that S$35++ may be too little for a really good French dinner but if the restaurant needs to compromise on quality just to squeeze out a menu to participate in this event, I think this is short-sightedness. If I didn't visit the Brasserie Wolf website and found out that non of the popular dishes listed were on the Restaurant Week's menu, I would have taken my experience as it and wouldn't be a return customer. However, I think I ought to revisit Brasserie Wolf as the sounds of Slow Cooked Lamb Navarin and Beef Bourguignon are like music to my ears.

80 Mohammad Sultan Road
The Pier at Robertson #01-13
Tel : 6835 7818

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red fir said...

HY's lemon meringue tart looks the delicious. (:

This is why I didn't bother with Restaurant Week. Menus offered are usually run-off-the-mill and not the best as to what the restaurants can possibly offer. Even if they do, the portions are ridiculously tiny.

I do want to try Brasserie Wolf for their ala carte though.


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