Sunday, January 23, 2011

Otto Ristorante ....... we felt Pavanello Power!

HY's been delaying dinner here as she had been to Otto too many times courtesy of the proximity to her workplace. It was only last night that I finally got what I wanted after using the 'broken record' technique on her for at least a year. And it was also last night, that I relived Pavanello Power from the old Pontini. Subsequent visits to Pontini, after our first, left us wondering what's missing. We found out much later that it's because Chef Pavenello had left Pontini. 

Otto is located on the the first level in the Red Dot Traffic Building, a colonial building that used to be occupied by the Traffic Police. It is a good location that can attract clients from the nearby financial district. If everyone knows what OTTO means in Italian, I think it'll be thronging with people throughout the whole 15 days of the Chinese New Year. OTTO = 8 = Huat Ah! 

OTTO  provided us with a complimentary Tasty Bread Basket
that was totally emptied even before we started on any food.
A refreshing bite-size smoked salmon and tomato sauce was
the complimentary appetizer that OTTO prepared for us.
This was really Mushroom Soup at it's best. The assorted mushroom soup was drizzled with some truffle oil making it such an enjoyment to the human sense of taste and smell. The croutons with that garlic fragrant added crunchiness to that mouthful of mushroom goodness. One of the best mushroom soup I had so far.

Zuppetta di Funghi con Crostini all'Aglio
Assorted Mushroom Soup with Garlic Croutons
This seafood soup had a light refined niceness but not that rustic version that was found in Venice which I truely enjoy.

Piccolo Caciucco alla Livornese
Livorno Style Seafood Soup in Light Tomato Broth
This crispy suckling pig is one of the specialty of OTTO. They claim that they were the first to bring the suckling pig into Western restaurant in Singapore. The special tree honey made the roast pig taste so delicious. The skin so crispy and the meat so damn tender. I thought it's a must try. This was supposedly one of the mains but we got it as an appetizer for sharing. Another good western suckling pig that I had in Singapore was the one served in Gunther's.  Obviously, roast pig is not a Chinese right. I had corrected my own misconception during my honeymoon trip with HYwhere we discovered a really good one far far away in Meson di Candido, Sergovia, Spain. All of them having their own special way of differentiating their roast pig. If there's a chance, go try and see which one you like best!

Maialino da Latte Croccante Laccato al Miele d'Acacia e Balsamico Stravecchio
Crispy Suckling Pig lacquered with 'Black Locust' tree honey and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Meat under the layer of crispy skin was super tender.
This Boston Lobster pasta was HY's recommendation and it was superb recommendation indeed. The al dente linguine blended very well with the light tomato gravy that's infused with some sweetness of the Boston lobster. Last but not least, the slight spiciness made this pasta provide a wholesome satisfying enjoyment.

Linguine all'Astice dette ln Busera
Linguine Boston Lobster in spicy light tomato gravy
We ordered a couple of "Out of the Menu" dishes that the waiter recommended. I think it's usually these dishes that you don't normally see on the menu that surprises you. Since HY have been to OTTO so many times, it was a good idea to order them so that dinner will still have some novelty.

W ordered the veal shank for J while she was busy pacifying the pesky little Vic. The slice that I was offered was tender and juicy. I was 'jealous' that the portion was big! But .......

Veal Shank with Roasted Potatoes and greens
But my 200g Japanese Wagyu was the highlight of the night. I graciously pass one slice to W and J to try. HY and I shared the rest. Tender, Juicy, absolutely marvelous! The wagyu was served on a slate "plate" (a rectangular piece of slate tile actually). The end of it was a total nothingness on the slate except for a few streaks of juice. This is also not found in the menu.
200g Grilled Japanese Wagyu with Roasted Potatoes and greens.
A close up of my Wagyu Indulgence
There's no way I will skip dessert after I had 'graciously' share my Wagyu with everyone. We chose 3 desserts out of the list to share. I particularly liked the Tiramisu and the Creme Brulee. The Giamaica Coffee in the tiramisu was a touch of refinement to tiramisu, not too bitter, and quite appropriately served up in a cup. It was the Creme Brulee that respark the memories of the Pavanello magic I had in Pontini many years ago.

Sfogliatina alle Mele e Nocciole con Salsa alla Cannella
Apple and Hazelnut Puff Pastry Tart with Cinnamon sauce
Tiramisu' alla Maniera di OTTO
Giamaica Coffee Tiramisu' OTTO
Crema alla Catalana con Frutti di Bosco Marinati al Vincotto
Haitian Vanilla Creme Brulee served with Vinccoto marinated berries
With this Italian magic that Chef Pavanello cast on us, I have no doubt that OTTO will be one of the few that I'll recommend to someone. We all left OTTO totally satisfied after feeling the Pavanello's Power.

28 Maxwell Road #01-02
Red Dot Traffic Building
Tel : +65 6227 6819
Otto Ristorante Website


red fir said...

I feel the power. Otto's certainly the best Italian restaurant in Singapore. Your Japanese wagyu looks really awesome.

Unknown said...

The wagyu was really bagus!


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