Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gogyo Kyoto 京都五行 .... one of the best ramen in Kyoto - Kyoto, Japan

As I searched on the internet, trawling for good food in Kyoto, Gogyo appeared in the list with Ippudo. Ippudo's ramen is already available in Singapore. So the choice was easy. Gogyo for ramen in Kyoto! Armed with a tourist map and a Gogyo address we arrived at a traditional Kyoto Machiya house with Gogyo's sign hanging at the entrance.

Kyoto Gogyo, within a Kyoto Machiya House
Gogyo's House Ramen, The Kogashi (Burnt Soy) Ramen
Hunger pangs had long struck us while we were walking in the chilly autumn weather while searching for Gogyo. The hot enticing fragrance of burnt soy was welcoming indeed. The black soup base looked like squid ink sauce. You know the taste of the charred parts of the meats. This soup base had that kind of feel while as a whole savory.

HY had the lighter Shio (Salt) Ramen and ask for a choice of a thinner ramen.

Shio Ramen
The gyozas here was pan fried till it was crispy on the outside but yet juicy on the inside. The dip at the side had that citrus flavor of yuzu which enhance the taste of gyoza.

Gogyo's Gyoza

京都市中京区柳馬場通 蛸薬師下ル十文字町452
Tel : 07-254-5567
Kyoto, Japan


Anonymous said...


How do I get to Gogyo from Kyoto JR station. If by subway, which line and which station will that be?

Thank you in adv :)

Unknown said...

Sorry for the late reply. It's somewhere between Karasuma station and Kawaramachi station. It's about 15 mins walk away.


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