Saturday, January 22, 2011

吉川 天ぷら Yoshikawa Inn Tempura ...... looked simple yet delicious - Kyoto, Japan

After visiting the Kinkakuji for views of the colorful Autumn leaves, we plan for a visit to Yoshikawa Inn for a tempura lunch. Yoshikawa Inn resides in quiet Tominokoji Dori, quite near the main road of Oike Dori. The inn is a quite a traditional charm and seemed to be a popular place for a Japanese wedding. Apart from it's popular tempura cuisine, Yoshikawa also serves Kyoto style kaiseki. It'll cost more to have the meal inside a traditional Japanese room but we chose to enjoy the tempura at a cheaper rate by sitting at the counter.

At the counter, we get the full view of the chef at work. Fresh food was dished out to us immediately after it was fried and then have the oil dripped dry for a while.

Chef preparing our tempura meal over the counter seats.
Chef frying our food right in front of our eyes.
Here's what we get for our lunch set. The portion wasn't really satisfying but it was really delicious. The vegetables were sweet and the white fish was fresh and tender. It was a pity we were given only 2 small pieces each.

We had rice to go with the tempura food. The pickled vegetables and fried silver fish that came with the meal made it all so appetizing.

Pickled Vegetable and fried silver fish.
Tempura at Yoshikawa Inn was really great. The experience would have been more satisfying if the portions were bigger.

  • 〒604-8093京都市中京区富小路通り御池下ル
  • Tominokoji,Oike-sagaru,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto. Japan
  • Tel. 075-221-5544 (+81-75-221-5544)
Yoshikawa Inn Tempura Website

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