Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tau Sar Pau from Forty Hands ...... Best Tau Sar Pau in Singapore?

This the 'Best Tau Sar Pau in Singapore' as claimed by the 8 Days magazine. 40 Hands Tau Sar Pau is made flatter than the typical Tau Sar Pau. It's S$2.50 a piece. I missed having this bun the last time and I'm glad that I got the last one in the shop this time.

This Tau Sar Pau has a very soft bun and fine tau sar (red bean paste).  An American friend once asked me a question, "Would you eat SH!! that smells good and taste delicious or food that smell and taste like SH!!?". I didn't know how to answer him then. I was someone who disliked eating tau sar and would associate tau sar to ..... If I would have eaten Forty Hands Tau Sar Pau then, I would have answered him immediately, "If SH!! tasted this good, I'll rather eat SH!!". 

By the way, I've learnt to like tau sar, rather, Azuki, the hard way. While I was in Japan the last few years, no matter which pastry or bun that I chose from the shelves, I was lucky enough to choose Azuki filled ones. Urgh! So many times that I've become a convert ever since.
*Photos with my iPhone 3GS

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