Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finding Zuppa Pesce in Venezia 7~9 Sep 2010 - Venice, Italy

Besides soaking up the romantic atmosphere in Venezia, there was also a task which we impose on ourselves that made us even more lost then ever amongst the narrow streets, “Finding Zuppa Pesce”.

Zuppa Pesce isn’t a name of a long lost Italian brother. It’s translated into “Fish Soup” in Italian.

J left a comment on my facebook status, “You must drink fish soup in Venice”.

W and J are our food buddies whom we had “regrettably” left in Singapore. Back home, they got themselves engaged in their “futile” search for Zuppa Pesce like the whirlwind whenever we have the chance for an Italian meal. After the first taste, I will notice that little frown, looking at each other with tha split second of silent disapproval, and then cried out loud, “This isn’t the real fish soup!”.

By the way, although it’s called “Fish Soup”, it’s more than fish that you’re getting. Zuppa Pesce is actually a tomato-based soup with seafood like, mussels, clams, scallops, prawns, squid, the occasional crab or lobster and of course, fish. With so much fresh goodness from the sea, it’s no wonder that Zuppa Pesce is usually the most expensive soup on the menu.

The following shows the Zuppa Pesce that we had tried in Venice. Bon Appetito!

The soup was thick tomato soup that was infused with the myriads of fresh seafood. What we lked about the Zuppa Pesce here was that the seafood were fresh especially the shell fish (e.g. mussels, clams .....) which did not gave that 'fishy' smell like you've left them alone for too long. The squid were cooked so right, such that it was so tender. I took more of the soup as HY didn't really like the soup to be thick.

Garanghelo's version had the soup base more diluted but definitely not lacking of fresh flavors from the sea. That was why HY had more of this one than the one from Malibran. There's also the Scampi added. Although it took a little more effort to derive enjoyment from the scampi, the meat was somehow sweeter than the prawns.

After tasting Zuppa Pesce here in Venice, I understood how W and J felt. For drinking Zuppa Pesce back home won't be the same anymore.


red fir said...

Looks awesome! Any recommendations for a decent zuppa pesce back home?

Unknown said...

I wasn't really keen on Zuppa Pesce in Singapore but the one in Pasta Brava was quite good and approved by my Zuppa Pesce friends.

Sarah and Gan said...

So this is the Zuppa Pesce you've mentioned. Didn't get to try it while in Venice! it's definitely different from florentine version -- it's more like Assam laksa (minus the sourness) in Florence. It was the best Zuppa Pesce I've ever had. So if you go to Florence next time, look out for Trattoria Cibreo and have the Zuppa Pesce there.

Unknown said...

to Sarah and Gan: looks like we have different food experiences even though we've been to the same place. I regretted not popping into those cantinas. I do hope the next time I visit Florence will be not too far in the future. Cheers!


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