Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grom ..... the finest of gelato. 9~12 Sep 2010 - Florence, Italy

After a hearty meal, we decided to skip dessert at the restaurant and stroll up to Via  della Oche for a gelato treat recommended by HY’s colleague. When we arrived we saw a queue that stretched just right outside the entrance which was already a good sign for good gelato that’s to come.

Grom's gelato is made of fresh ingredients and have no preservatives. Since it was opened in 2003, the queue just didn't stop. Now there are Grom's all around Italy, Japan, New York, Malibu and Paris.

The piccolo, small size, entitles you to 2 flavours and the medio, medium size, 3 flavors. My 3 flavours were all stacked up on an ice cream cone. The pistachio was right at the bottom and the coffee right at the top. Sandwiched between the two was the crème de Grom.

Since it was the Crème of Grom, I’ll have to try it. This is actually cookies and crème which didn’t really impress, but the pistachio and the coffee flavours were really good.
Somehow the pistachio flavored gelatos were especially good here. It was like someone had magically transformed pistachio nuts into a lickable form.

The coffee flavor was really an “awakening”. It was intense, quite like the Italian espresso. This was good but I suspected that this was what kept me up half the night.

An additional plus point was the location of this gelateria. It is near to the Duomo and relatively easy to find.  It was fun - licking gelato, hand in hand, while we took a short walk to enjoy the magnificence of the Duomo of Firenze at night.

Via del Campanile angolo Via delle Oche
50012 Firenze, Italia
Tel : +39 055 216158
Grom Website

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